Dr. Sol Cogan knows a thing or two about pain. He has dedicated his life and career to eliminating it — for everyone from professional athletes to cancer patients to accident victims to seniors. It all started with his own devastating injury as a high school wrestler about three decades ago.

“I was thrown on my back and I felt lightning bolts go down both legs,” he recalls. “I was literally paralyzed for about two minutes. I couldn’t move.”

When he could feel his legs again, Cogan says the pain was so excruciating he had to be carried off the mat. Numerous physicians told him he’d never play sports again. But, one doctor used non-surgical therapies and techniques to help him recover. Two weeks later, Cogan was the 112-pound freestyle state wrestling champion — and he’d found his future career.

“Just because somebody told you that you have to live with a condition or an ache or a pain or a problem, they may not be right,” Cogan says. “Even if they were right 10 years ago or even a week ago, they may not be right today because technology changes so quickly.”

After graduating from Michigan State University, Cogan, a Temple Israel member, enrolled in the National College of Chiropractic, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1992. That same year, he started his practice, which has grown into Michigan’s largest group of integrated clinics providing rehabilitation, chiropractic and high-tech, non-invasive technologies that relieve pain. Headquartered in Farmington, HealthQuest has 10 clinics in Michigan, including Southfield, Livonia and Taylor.

For nearly 14 years, Cogan treated Detroit Lions football players. He uses many of the same treatments pro athletes receive to help patients suffering from neuropathy, back and neck pain, sciatica, spinal stenosis, herniated and bulging discs, joint pain and other conditions.

“In our office, we do everything from massage therapy to physical therapy to chiropractic to internal medicine, sports medicine, pain management medicine, non-surgical spinal decompression,” he says. “We do basically everything short of surgery.”

HealthQuest For THAW
As temperatures dipped into the teens this week, Cogan and his staff were focused on easing another kind of pain — the pain families experience when they can’t afford to heat their homes. According to THAW (The Heat and Warmth Fund), 40 percent of Michigan households struggle to afford basic needs, including energy costs.

More than 28,000 children and 48,000 seniors lived in homes that received energy assistance last year. That’s why, for a limited time, Cogan is offering $20 appointments to receive a detailed consultation, comprehensive examination and laser treatment (a $380 value). HealthQuest will match each $20 payment up to the first 250 patients. All proceeds benefit THAW with the goal of raising $10,000, enough money to heat the homes of 10 local families all winter long.

“We cannot sit by and allow our neighbors to live in pain in bitter cold conditions. That’s why we started this promotion,” Cogan said. “It’s a win-win. People can do something good for the community and help themselves at the same time.”

Patients can choose the location and must schedule their appointment by Feb. 2. Visit healthquestforthaw.com or call 1-877-99-QUEST.