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Searching for that perfect piece of jewelry can be a daunting task, especially for those of us who are perennially last-minute shoppers. A not-so-secret tip: Pay a visit to Emery’s Creative Jewelers in West Bloomfield, where patrons are always treated like family.

This iconic store opened its doors 30 years ago, but its history extends farther back in time. Emery Weinberger, a Holocaust survivor, immigrated to Michigan in the 1940s. He began his sales career at Harry Greenberg Jewelers and then explored the world of antiques when he opened Sims in Highland Park. After becoming a well-respected businessman in Detroit, he decided to focus solely on fine jewelry, creating Emery’s Manufacturing in Southfield.

Siblings Rob Weinberger (left) and Terri Herman (right) stand together smiling at the camera.
Siblings Rob Weinberger and Terri Herman.
Brett Mountain Photographer

With the help of his wife, Natalie Weinberger, his son, Rob Weinberger, and daughter, Terri Herman, Emery’s business continued to grow and prosper. Emery’s Creative Jewelers eventually moved to the Hunter’s Square complex in 1984, where it still stands today.

As a youngster, Rob helped his father daily at the store. He took a liking to jewelry-making, eventually taking classes in design and gemology. Terri, too, had an early affinity for the business and sought to continue her father’s legacy long after his passing in 1993.

Emery’s is not only family-owned, but also multigenerational. Not only do customers interact with Rob and Terri, but also Rob’s daughter, Ali Weinberger, who has worked at the store for many years.

Now, 28-year-old Ali serves as assistant manager of the sales associates, training and mentoring her fellow employees. She also makes an effort to learn the names of every customer she meets and loves putting pieces together. Terri’s husband, Howard Herman, and Rob’s wife, Debe Weinberger, also work at the store, always greeting customers with a smile.

Emery’s is ideal for any occasion, but the store features plenty of dazzling engagement rings and wedding bands. As of late, Emery’s is highlighting the Gabriel New York bridal line.

“Since we do custom work, we try to put together what the customers want — every customer wants to be involved in their own design,” says Rob.

At Emery’s, visitors can expect far more than your average ring selection, either selecting a traditional style or collaborating with Rob to create their own personal look.

Rob and Ali are especially savvy about ring trends. While solitaire rings made with 14-karat white gold are longtime favorites, many brides-to-be are leaning toward rose gold and mixed metals. Yellow gold is also making a comeback these days.

Ali points out ring stacking is another new fad worth exploring. Customers are now opting for thin, stackable rings studded with diamonds or other stones to add some flair. “It’s a great way to change up your already existing set,” Ali says.

A close-up on a diamond ring
Brett Mountain Photographer

To add style to wedding bands, designs featuring small shapes, such as dainty hearts set with diamond studs around the perimeter, are growing in popularity, too.

Even if customers have a ring style in mind ahead of time, Rob recommends visiting the store at least two months before the big proposal. For ideas on opportune moments to pop the question, check out one of the latest Emery’s blog entries on its website, emeryscreativejewelers.com, detailing the top proposal days. Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are not surprisingly some of the top contenders.

While Emery’s specializes in creating a seamless ring-shopping experience, it offers pieces for both men and women of all ages, whether for a birthday, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah or just because. the Emery’s team makes sure to not only feature popular brands, but also highlight the work of local Michigan artists.

Many folks in the community also know a fun fact about Emery’s — Rob is an ear-piercing pro and has been carefully placing shiny studs in the ears of generations of customers. Repairs are another specialty, and he does them all with care.

Dedicated Emery’s patrons also know a second fact — there is zero pressure while shopping for that special item. “From way back, my dad always projected that it’s not about what you’re spending,” Terri says. “People can spend $5 or $5,000 — we just want everyone to feel comfortable.”

With a family that has so much love for their craft, it is no surprise that locals can trust Emery’s. Better yet, Emery’s regulars continue to introduce family and friends to the store.

“We’ve been a jeweler since 1967. To last as long as we have and still thrive says something,” Rob says.

It is clear he and his family are doing something right — the Emery’s name continues to shine brightly.


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