A headline from The Jewish News reading "Federations Strive for Unity in Jewry"

Weighty issues were addressed in the Jan. 22, 1943, issue of the JN. First, there were calls for unity: one, as the cartoon on the front page illustrated, was a call for support for the war effort from all Americans and every branch of the military. Another, as the main headline stated, was “Federations Strive for Unity in Jewry.” This refers to a wide effort that began during the war to increase the efficiency of Jewish community welfare organizations as well as coordinate support for the war. It would seem this was, and is, a timeless goal for Jews in America.

JN editor/publisher Phil Slomovitz also tackled a heady philosophical issue. His “Purely Commentary” column for the week borrowed its title from Michael Straight’s new book for 1943: Make This the Last War. Posing some very interesting questions, Slomovitz writes about the aftermath of the war. How should democracies and allies act after victory? How should they listen to each other? Relating to the unity theme on the front page, Jews, he points out, have been the most persecuted people in history and, therefore, should be able provide sage advice. But, will voices from the Jewish community be heard despite internal dissension?  

But, there was good news about someone I knew. It was announced that Peggy Jayne Wallace was betrothed to Stanley Winkleman.  

Perhaps the most important news was that Schmidt’s Beer was now available in quarts!! As readers know, I have followed this brewery since 1942, as it promoted its contributions to making tanks, ships and planes. It now offered buyers the opportunity to support the war effort by buying quarts of beer, thereby saving glass as well as metal for bottle caps. Yes, indeed — a great innovation from Schmidt’s!

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