A feast at the Blue Nile in Ferndale.


The constant search for rare ethnic dining holds a place of much interest in the hearts of many people.

There have been discoveries of numerous ethnic foods restaurants that might have made regulars out of perhaps originally only curiosity seekers … Many probably tried but failed to properly highlight the many delights that numerous ethnic cuisines present if not the proper way of that culture … Such as former missed places like Everest Express or Kathmandu Chullo in Farmington … Few know why they never made it big, unless people just weren’t ready for them … Or it could have been the food being served on little granite floor tables or plush floor pillows … Both so-called “eating off the floor” … This way of eating is pretty much the standard in many Nepali homes although tables and chairs are also being used.

Pradhip “Rocky” Poudel, owner of Everest Express and Kathmandu Chullo, thought about having a restaurant like back home and achieving this dream … “Rocky” also wanted a farm to grow organic produce and herbs … At his restaurants, he never used preservatives or chemicals … And nothing was from cans or deep-fried.

Word is that “Rocky” may be back …. Many are hoping this is true.

Fetle and Seifu Lessanenwork

RETURNING FROM HIS homeland trip to Ethiopia, Seifu Lessanenwork, owner with wife, Fetle, of the Blue Nile on West 9 Mile, Ferndale, is back with authentic recipes of dishes he served when butler to the King of Ethiopia years ago … He and Fetle have sold their Ann Arbor Blue Nile and are now concentrating solely on their fine Ferndale restaurant.

THE FIRST RESTAURANT that Matt Prentice is planning to open when he returns to the local communal restaurant and catering scenes may be named “Mom’s” in tribute to his mother, Margaret Prentice. “It will be a casual venue with a focus on fabulous food,” Matt says. “And it will feature her pastry recipes and some of the dishes I grew up on. It will also feature the recipes that I have prepared for her over the years,” says Matt … Who can ever forget Margaret’s great coffee cake?

THEY ARE BOTH gourmet Cantonese restaurants, Shangri-La in the Orchard Mall, Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield and on Cass, Detroit … And also serve Dungeness crab and a fabulous Lobster Cantonese … No chow mein or chop suey.

RETURNING TO THE dining scene again may be Gary Tringale … His former Joey’s on Jefferson and New York Deli were dining goodies.

FOLKS STILL ASK why places like Healthy Jones, Northwestern Hwy., Southfield, or Mei Ling, Haggerty, West Bloomfield, were not opened again in larger numbers … Healthy Jones was owned and operated by Joan Wittenberg and husband, Dr. Don Wittenberg, serving wonderful gourmet natural foods with a menu that complemented the multitude of beverages, hot dishes, juices, teas, etc. … The “bartender” concocted mixtures made with a bevy of things and garnished with fresh mint leaves … Mei Ling vegetarian restaurant, owned by body builders Tom and Megan Lin, had hard-to-believe vegetarian “meat” dishes made from soy protein and wheat gluten, with tasty delights like sesame chicken, “Peking Duck,” steak burgers, etc., in an amazing area of good tasting “meat” dishes that many thought were the real thing … made with the many tastes of tofu.

CHANGING HANDS DEPT. … Siegel’s Deli, Commerce Township, has new owners … Same style menu but different and less experienced hands in the kitchen.           

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … A mobile phone on a bench at the golf club starts to ring. Sidney picks it up and says, “Hello.”

At the other end, a woman says, “Hello, honey. I’m at the shopping center and just found a beautiful leather coat. It’s $1,200 dollars. Can I buy it?”

“OK,” says Sidney, “go ahead if you like it so much.”

“I also stopped by the Mercedes dealership and saw the 2018 model that I really liked.”

“How much was it?” asked Sidney.

“$150,000,” she replied.

“For that price,” says Sidney, “I want it with all the options.”

“Oh, yes,” she says, “Just one more thing. That house we wanted last year is back on the market. They’re only asking $3 million for it now.”

“Go ahead and buy it,” he says, “but don’t offer more than $2.5 million.”

“OK,” she says. “I’ll see you later. I love you.” 

“Bye, I love you, too,” says Sidney and then hangs up.

The other men in the locker room who heard the conversation are looking at Sidney in astonishment. Then Sidney shouts out loud, “Does anyone know who this mobile phone belongs to?”

CONGRATS … To Storm Kirschenbaum on his birthday … To Ellen Gruskin on her birthday.


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