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One of three essays from local teens dealing with mental health challenges.


That morning, I woke up with the worst headache I’d ever felt. I couldn’t contact my friends, let alone look at my phone, without the brightness triggering my pain. This was the first time that I missed a vast amount of school. I was out for two weeks and began to feel lonely and down.

I started to see numerous doctors in the area, including an ENT, endocrinologist, infectious disease doctor and a neurologist. At one of my appointments, they gave me steroids to help with my pain, but instead, I began to hallucinate. My neck was tight in one place, and I was unable to sleep for a week straight. I was paranoid, and didn’t want to leave my parents’ side. They realized something wasn’t right with the medicine and took me off of it immediately.

I left each appointment feeling the same exact way … hopeless.

I continued to miss school. Eventually, I stopped contacting my friends and, after being absent for such lengthy periods of time, I began to question myself. When I was at school I practically lived in my counselor’s office. I was feeling so sad that it became difficult for me to get myself out of bed in the morning. I wasn’t showering and took little interest in things that had been important to me previously.

For the first time in my life, something had changed. I had become depressed. 

This anonymous essay is being shared with the JN by Friendship Circle.

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