Seventy-five years ago, in the Jan. 29, 1943, issue of the JN, there were some important headlines. Inside, however, I found one particular story that was most relevant to today’s Detroit Jewish News

First, the headline on the front page read: “Post-War Planning Rallies Jews of U.S.” As weird as it may seem, with more than two years left in World War II, serious planning had already begun to deal with post-war issues. And one of the most pressing issues, especially for the Jewish community, was: What do we do about assisting the millions of Jewish refugees from Europe? 

There was also a JN editorial titled “America is Safe” that will sound familiar to anyone who follows the news in 2018. It begins by citing a story of anti-Semitism from the University of Michigan of 1943, where the faculty board overseeing student publications refused to seat a Jewish student as editor of The Michigan Daily. But, U-M students rallied in protest. The editorial concluded, “As long as Americans fight for fair play and justice, America is safe.” Indeed. Unfortunately, there is still anti-Semitism on American campuses today, but fortunately, in 2018, things are better at U-M, and there are still students willing to fight the good fight when necessary.

A story I found was most relevant to today’s work. In Danny Raskin’s “Jewish Youth’s Listening Post,” he noted that he received a birthday greeting, which appeared to be from soldiers in Egypt. It contained a happy birthday message for the 24-year-old Raskin, who was only 10 months into his run of publishing a column in every issue of the JN for the next 75 years. Raskin turned 99 last week, which is another great accomplishment. Happy birthday, Danny!

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