I can’t thank you enough for the uplifting breath of sweet air I felt when reading last week’s cover story by Lynne Konstantin, “Straight From The Heart” (Jan. 25, page 52).

Lynne carefully painted such a beautiful and powerful picture of what feels like our own Jewish Camelot.

I have witnessed the miracle of our new rabbi meeting his “bashert” and the pure love and coming together of their families and their extended Shaarey Zedek family.

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I vividly remember the first picture posted on Facebook of that “Belle Isle bike ride” and immediately shared with Meredith’s mom, Linda Cohen, that “something more than friendship was blooming.”

During these cold winter days, the Dahlens are a shining example that pure love — blended in with a beautiful and meaningful practice of Judaism — can overcome.

Perhaps this article might inspire other engaged couples to contact Rabbi Yoni Dahlen to see how they, too, can incorporate some of the beautiful, more egalitarian Jewish rituals into their own weddings.

Thank you for sharing their beautiful journey with the rest of the community.

Suzi Terebelo



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