A group of WSU Students for Israel members with speakers from the group’s event on learning from failures.
A group of WSU Students for Israel members with speakers from the group’s event on learning from failures.

Jewish@edu – Learning From Failure

WSU Students for Israel hosts speakers who share strategies.

Students for Israel (SFI) at Wayne State University is a pro-Israel group on campus that helps foster a better understanding of what Israel is and what it stands for. SFI held successful events earlier this year, such as Israel Week, to promote positive dialogue about Israel on campus.

Recently, SFI held a program called F#@% – Up Night, with the purpose of letting students know that failure is necessary for success. Mistakes teach us invaluable lessons, show us right from wrong and help us develop as people.

This SFI event featured speakers Tzvi Raviv, Tal Navarro and David Yarus.

Raviv, Yoga Shelter CEO, is driven to help build and improve communities through the teaching of yoga.

Navarro, an Israeli social media expert, founded a social media marketing company that teaching businesses and organizations how to utilize social media.

Yarus created and founded a dating app called J-Swipe and a social creative agency called Mllnl (Millennial) that aids global and nonprofit organizations. He is inspired by millennial empowerment and human connection.

Raviv talked about how hard it can be to stay focused. “You have to have a routine, something that you can do no matter how bad your day was and how bad you feel,” he explained. While he prefers working out, everyone has something they can do every day to keep them on track.

“Even when I was at my worst, usually when I made bad business choices or had personal issues, I kept my routine,” Raviv said. “Keeping my routine kept me focused and determined to accomplish my long-term goals.”

In business, we often work with other people or have business partners. Navarro told us one of the earliest mistakes she made was picking the wrong partner. Early in her career, she married a man who helped her create an online store. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and he took the company.

“I was left with almost nothing; I had to start over on my own,” she said. “If I learned anything it was to pick the right partner in business and in life. In a way, you should be able to trust your business partner like your significant other.”

When Yarus spoke, he alluded to his long list of mistakes. “Yeah, I’ll let you guys know my speech is probably going to be the longest,” he warned. “I am successful because I put myself out there; I know that most of the time I am going to fail, but I don’t let it stop me.

“I don’t want you to ever think that failure and success are two separate things; they come hand and hand. When I created J-Swipe it was a joke between friends, but now I think you see how that joke turned out.”

It is advice like this that helps aspiring college students accomplish their goals and realize they do not have to stress over every little mistake. I hope this event helped students welcome their failures and understand that the failures they encounter can help give them tools to become successful. @

Alex McInnis jewish@edu writer of Swartz Creek, Mich., is a freshman at Wayne State University. He is member of the WSU Students for Israel, an active member of Hillel of Metro Detroit and an intern for IIsrael 21c.

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