Which came first: Lafayette or American Coney Islands?

IT IS NOT ENOUGH that Zoup! continues to add goodie growth … At its flagship location in Franklin Plaza, Northwestern Hwy., Southfield, and varied locales, founder Eric Ersher and partner Richard Simtob are now testing a nourishing made-to-order Broth and Grain Bowl … The hearty, healthy one-bowl wonder will feature quality proteins, fresh veggies and herbs, garnishes and global seasonings and sauces … Do Eric and Richard sell a lot of hot, homemade chicken soup during these cold days? And how! … In fact, it is easily one of Zoup!s best sellers … Just behind its Chicken Pot Pie soup.

Zoup! now in 102 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Zoup! owners Richard Simtob and Eric Ersher
Zoup! owners Richard Simtob and Eric Ersher

THIS TIME IT’S A family venture for Norm LePage and wife, Bonnie … their son and his wife, Scott and Susanne LePage … Lumen Detroit, their newest venture, set for late spring, will be the family’s first eatery togetherness in Detroit … The green rooftop, alfresco-experience dining space will feature panoramic views of the new Beacon Square, along with Detroit’s skyline.

Among their many dining and drinking operations, Norm and Bonnie continue to operate their Big Rock Chophouse on Eaton Street, Birmingham.

MAJOR DOINGS AGAIN with the 12th Annual JCC Michigan-Florida Reunion Dinner & Golf Classic at Indian Springs Country Club in Boynton Beach, Fla., Tuesday, March 13 … This year’s honorees will be Marty and Marsha Feldman … Last year’s JCC outing had more than 200 attendees and many thousands of dollars for kids’ programs at the JCC … with 2017 golf winners including men’s low score by Dennis Chaiken, Larry Miller, Bruce Gursky and Jerry Minkin … Women’s low score was by Beth Gursky, Julie Chaiken, Carol Miller and Ellen Minkin … Closest to the pin were Eleanor Bluestone and Danny Weiss.

This year’s biggie will also include, for the first time, special prizes and awards for first-time attendees.

For more info on the March 13 JCC Michigan-Florida Reunion Dinner & Golf Classic, call Mort Plotnik, chairman, (248) 210-8489 … or Geta Richman, (561) 272-5917 or Dennis Silber, (561) 254-7000.

FAVORITE RESTAURANTFrom Kathleen Alessandro … “Every meal at Moro’s Dining in Allen Park is perfect and served with charming impeccable ‘Old- World’ service. My family and friends can go there dressed very casually or dressed to the nines. We love the consistency of receiving the same quality food and service every time. I love watching friends, family and colleagues experiencing Moro’s for the first time. They are like kids in a candy store. They always come back! It is a comfortable, yet powerful dining experience every time!”

REMEMBERING WHEN just the look of a broken tile was enough for the Oakland County Health Department to penalize a restaurant … Or a slightly broken swinging kitchen door … The sometimes lack of competent personnel by some of today’s health departments has in many instances allowed some to get away with much better reasons for receiving violations.

Which came first: Lafayette or American Coney Islands?

QUESTION & ANSWER DEPT. … “I have a loser-buys bet with my wife, Susan. Which came first, American Coney Island or Lafayette Coney Island? … Irving Zerman.

ANSWER … Gus Keros opened American back in 1910 … He was followed a couple of years later by his brother Bill, who came here, worked for Gus and opened Lafayette next door.                  

TO THE MANY WHO ask, yes, one of the servers at Steven Lelli’s Inn On the Green, 12 Mile, Farmington Hills, is a bona fide medical doctor … That’s why so many request “Doc” when booking a reservation … Fawzy Mekheel is a medical graduate from an Egyptian university.

THE CORNED BEEF sandwich recently shown in last week’s column brought more look-alikes by readers … “My guess is Steve’s Deli,” says David Barr … “Carnegie Deli”(New York), says Linda Solomon … “It made my mouth water with my Pickles & Rye sandwich,” pens Bev Dunn … “Looks like a Stage beauty,” says Irwin Stein.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE DEPT. … Harry was sick and tired of being constantly badgered by his wife, Bessie, for spending so much time at the bar. Hoping it would help matters, Harry invited Bessie along with him.

“So, what would you like?” Harry cordially asked, as she took her seat next to him.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Bessie said. “I guess I’ll take the same as you.”

“OK,” Harry says to the bartender. “We’ll take Johnnie Walker on the rocks.”

Bessie barely took a sip of the drink before she started gagging. “Oh, my gosh! Get me a cup of water! This stuff is horrible! How do you drink this garbage?!”

“See,” said Harry. “And you think I come here just to have a good time!”

CONGRATS … To Dr. Leonard Aronovitz on his birthday … To Louise Janosky on her birthday … To Jeremy Brand on his birthday … To Sarah Abrams on her birthday … To Louis Burman on his birthday.

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