French toast from Jagged Fork.

Like many success stories generated by friends, another interesting dining operation has shown its beautiful head with a third name in two other local regions far enough apart not to compete with each other.

It all started with Zoe’s House of Pancakes on Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield …. Then came the offshoot Hudson Café, now into its seventh anniversary on Woodward, between Grand River and State, Detroit … and now Jagged Fork, North Adams, corner of Adams and Walton, Rochester Hills … and Jagged Fork, Mack Ave., between Moran and Moross, Grosse Pointe Farms … in just six years!

Hudson Café and Jagged Fork share unique menus.

The energetic ambition of four young men has blossomed with uncanny success into a small chain of restaurants with no dinner receipts … only sit-down service for breakfast and brunch/lunch … daily, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Hudson Café until 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday) …

Hudson Café and the two Jagged Fork eateries have the same menus with items that include a Voodoo Benedict favorite, a cornbread made in-house topped with house smoked chorizo, cheddar cheese, poached eggs and ranchero sauce, etc. … Plus best-sellers like Chillaqilles (chicken over hashed browns, topped with two scrambled eggs), The Elvis Stuffed French Toast, Cinnamon Pancakes, Very Berry Stuffed French Toast, etc. … Also dishes like the strawberry chicken salad with 100-percent chicken (honest) and side of homemade chipotle dressing, Chicken Pomodoro sandwich, veggie sandwich, Chunky Monkey pancakes with caramel and white chocolate, etc. … Even house-made corned beef hash.

Tom Teknos, Radu Trifon, Stavros Adamopoulos and Francesco Adamopoulos
Tom Teknos, Radu Trifon, Stavros Adamopoulos and Francesco Adamopoulos

Three of the owners, Stavro Adamopoulos, brother Francesco Adamopoulos, Grosse Pointe Farms operating partner, and Tom Technos have been friends more than 20 years … Radu was kitchen manager at Hudson Café when it opened, learned the system and made operating partner in the Rochester Hills Jagged Fork restaurant.

Their restaurants all offer gluten-free options, are big on vegan dishes and offer a brunch cocktail menu as well as the well-stocked breakfast and brunch/lunch … Also, Mimosas, Bloody Marys and other brunch/lunch drinks.

The three original owners of Hudson Café and the two Jagged Forks, Stavro, Francesco and Tom, enjoyed the sharing of a similar vision to create a local breakfast brand that also specialized in gourmet brunch/lunch dishes, a concept rarely found.

The dining genius of these young gents has seen steadily increased patronage year after year … Consistency is an important asset to which the boys pay much attention … House-made items all from their own batters.

Jagged Fork is a fun name that Tom’s wife, Kasie, came up with … and has stuck with for much results … Hudson Café, of course, was named because of its nearness to the one-time great Detroit department store site almost vertical across Woodward.

That the gentlemen are enjoying a thrilling ride of success … and bringing folks back for more … is enough said.

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TAKE IT FROM one who cares that Caesar salad is correct to serve with Mexican food … After all, says California barrister food aficionado Jeff Metzger, wasn’t it created in Tijuana, Mexico? … Sure enough. By Caesar Cardini, an Italian-born Mexican chef and restaurateur … Jeff, himself, is known for his Caesar salad, which ranks among the better ones by amateur cooks … He and wife, Lisa, featured his gloried Caesar salad at their home … with tacos and brown and black beans.

Jeff admits that Cardini’s coveted concoction might have included a few ingredients other than those in his, but the basic Caesar salad taste and components are there … And Jeff, just like Cardini, does not use anchovies and no so-called innovations either like chicken, shrimp, etc. … In Mexico, some restaurants even use tortilla chips instead of croutons and cotija cheese rather than parmesan.

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OLDIE BUT GOODIE …. Joe and Sam met in a restaurant for a business breakfast … Joe said, “I have a good deal for you, Sam. When I was in San Diego and visited the zoo, I happened to pick up an elephant they didn’t need any more. I could let you have it for $3,000.”

Sam sipped his coffee and said, “Joe what am I to do with an elephant? I live in a third-floor flat. I barely have room for my furniture. I can’t even squeeze in a card table. You think I’m going to buy an elephant?”

“I could let you have two of them for $2,000,” said Joe.

“Aha,” said Sam. “Now you’re talking!”

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