Man jump through the gap between hill.
Man jump through the gap between hill.

For Openers: Get A Move On

One of the major complaints today seems to be that we are always on the go. We act to save time; and with the time saved we race to try to do more, trying to be everywhere at once. Often, we fail.

Science tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So when we spring into action, we may fall apart. Hmmm.

Isn’t it nice to start the day with a spring in your step? Even though you may not be a spring chicken, you can experience spring fever, feel the joys of spring. You look for positive things to happen; you do know that hope springs eternal!

Is someone you know having a special birthday? What better excuse to spring the surprise of a party! No, of course you will not want to spring for the whole thing yourself; by all means, as you spring into action, enlist the help of others. Spring to the defense of the honoree by reminding participants that the party will help you all spring back to life. By the way, in choosing decorations, be careful about the type of balloon chosen; many kinds are susceptible to springing a leak.

If you do not plan any event carefully — if you fall down on the job — you may get the label of being a fall guy and always getting the blame.

Are you gullible? Do you hear a plan and fall for it hook, line and sinker? Perhaps you easily fall under the spell of a fast talker; if so, you will have to let the chips fall where they may.

In any bureaucracy, you may discover those who fall asleep at the switch and, as a result, many who could be helped tend to fall through the cracks. Those in charge have fallen down on the job!

If you take on the task of spring cleaning, start with those items that have fallen into disuse. Do not, however, let this task fall by the wayside or you may have to spring for a new abode.

I could now tell you to winter through your troubles, but that is a more seasoned observation than I intended here.

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