Clip from the Detroit Jewish News paper from March 5, 1943.

Mach 5, 1943 Headlines – From the DJN Davidson Digital Archive

While there were several headlines on the front page of the March 5, 1943, issue of the JN and a large image of a Red Cross nurse, the general theme was the same — what is to be done about all of the Jewish refugees in Europe? There was plenty of coverage inside the newspaper on this point.

Detroit Jewish News paper from March 5, 1943.Of course, the Red Cross was and is non-religious, and concentrates its efforts on helping the needy regardless of race, creed or cause. But, the story in the JN is about the Detroit Jewish Community’s $3 million drive to support the Red Cross.

There was an editorial as well as a news report about the annual meeting of the Detroit Jewish Welfare Federation (the forerunner of today’s Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit). At the meeting, Federation officers would hear about and consider the latest reports regarding Jewish refugees in Europe.

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Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress, spoke to a crowd of 3,500 at Cass High School in Detroit. He appealed to the Allies to rescue the victims of Nazi occupation and atrocities and asked the “United Nations” to secure equal rights for Jews. At this point, there was no formal organization known as the United Nations, but the victors would soon establish the United Nations in the aftermath of World War II. Indeed, Wise’s remarks were a harbinger for some of the issues the U.N. would engage in after the war.

On a lighter note, there was the “Yiddish Swing” show on radio WJLB, a weekly program presented by the Manischewitz Company, the world’s largest matzah bakers. This week’s show featured the Barry Sisters, and the music of Sam Medoff and the Yiddish Swingtette. I like that catchy name — the Swingtette. My spellcheck did not know what to do with it.

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