Sigels deli sandwich

One of the most important points that confronts the new owners of a neighborhood restaurant is that the new proprietors do not neglect one of their most significant duties … It is a very important one … The fervent promise of continuing and providing even more additional assets to the customer’s every request if possible.

The neighborhood and surrounding areas deserve this important respect.

Siegel’s Deli gets
going under
new owners.

A takeover by new owners may bring problems, but few that cannot be resolved … New proprietors of Siegel’s Deli, on Maple Road, just west of Haggerty, Commerce Township, brothers Edison and Elvis Vushaj, with their mother Vicki Vushaj as manager, know this … and are working hard to bring much satisfaction.

Between them, they have the experience and high desire to accomplish a successful takeover … Vicki is a longtime favorite waitress at Siegel’s Deli … She was there when it was originally opened by Elliott Siegel in 1994 … Soon becoming a cook, too, at the same location … along with also being a server … Vicki’s other talent as a cook is making those luscious pastries that are well- noted … Her strudels, knishes and various house-made goodies are now featured items that many folks love having.

Edison Vushaj, Vicki Vushaj and Elvis Vushaj
Edison Vushaj, Vicki Vushaj and Elvis Vushaj

The three family members have started out right … New wall hangings, a requested wall television set, added answers to requests and menu additions, prompt service, noticeable cleanliness, and proper pricings of items at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other smart moves were the retention in the kitchen of George Mashlakjian, at the locale since 2005 as cook with Edison and Elvis … and of waitperson Lenora “Mimi” Luca, a favorite since 2007.

This is another example of a name meaning absolutely nothing … It has been the same through three varied ownerships … Performance of food prepared, service, cleanliness, etc., are what counts … And the new owners of Siegel’s Deli, open seven days a week 8 a.m.-9 p.m., seem to be working hard in making good on their assurances … a very good sign.

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THEY’RE MEMBERS OF the self-named Tuesday Supper Club that has met every week for the past 22 years at various restaurants for vittles and camaraderie … Dr. Michael Salter, Dr. Steven Spector, Dr. Michel Redman, Dr. Samuel Scheinfield and Sandy Linden … 10 years at Pepino’s in Walled Lake until the tragic fire that wiped out the favorite of many three years ago … Then other eateries … J. Alexander’s in West Bloomfield, etc. … As of April, the five gents will return again to Pepino’s, now on Orchard Lake Road, Sylvan Lake, for its great pan-fried rainbow trout, jumbo shrimp and the magnificent slew of dinner dining goodies.

YES, JODIE POLK, wife of Executive Chef Jim Polk at Clawson Steakhouse, 14 Mile, south of Rochester Road, Clawson, still makes those luscious desserts … Key lime pie, crème brulee, etc. … and there’s plenty of hot-time music for dancing, Wednesday through Saturday with the Mark James Band.

REMBERING WHEN … Leo and Shirley Kaplan were selling leather jackets on the weekends at Gibraltar Trade Center … and Leo spilled coffee on one of them … A customer later took the garment off a rack, smelled it and said, “This jacket smells like coffee” … “It should,” Leo told him. “It was made in Brazil.”

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PET’S KORNER … “With warm weather soon to hit our midst, I hope, how about restaurateurs with outside dining putting bowls filled with water out for us dogs and cats? We don’t care if they’re pretty or not.”

MAIL DEPT.To Manny Gorman … Yes, Manny, those former signs that fronted the Brass Rails years ago were certainly beautiful works of art … But I wonder how many people noticed that in the one on Adams, the carver gent is cutting into a roast … In the Brass Rail beauty by Kinsel’s, he is cutting a fish.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … (Oldies are repeated on request) A mother and her small son are walking along the ocean shore when a large wave comes in and washes the boy out to sea. The mother screams, but no one is near, and she can’t swim. Her son’s head bobs up and down as he cries for help and moves farther from shore.

Desperate, she sinks to her knees in the sand, pleading with God for mercy. She swears she will devote herself to good causes and be faithful in attending synagogue if God will spare her child. Suddenly another huge wave crashes in and puts her son, wet but unhurt, on the sand. She lifts her face above, extends both arms and cries, “He had a hat!”

CONGRATS … To Gus Kasapis on his birthday … To Joanne Tringale on her birthday … To Alex Winkler on his birthday.

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