Pain Free Life Centers' logo of a tree with a figure doing yoga in the trunk.Celebrating its second year, Pain Free Life Center of Shelby continues to treat pain sufferers with non-invasive laser therapy, and continuously sees positive results.

“We are so confident in what we do, your consultation and initial treatment is free,” Center Director Jeff Morton said.

Pain Free Life Centers uses high dose cold laser therapy technology that has been treating chronic pain since 2003 and was only available to high level athletes for many years. After being cleared for more extensive use by the Federal Drug Administration, laser therapy has become an alternative to drug therapies that only mask the pain, and can lead to harmful, potentially addictive side effects.

“We’re the most experienced laser pain center in the country and the only one in Michigan that offers the high dose laser therapy,” Morton states. “Science has proven that human cells respond to light. By introducing this light to damaged cells below the skin, it gives them the ability to produce natural energy to make a damaged cell a healthy cell. That creates healthy tissue, increased blood flow for healing and repair and releases nitrous oxide – the body’s natural anti-inflammatory. Ninety percent of the body’s pain is caused by some type of inflammation. Laser therapy is not a cure but manages pain without drugs, surgery, injections and side effects.”

With opioid abuse running rampant across the country, laser therapy is a long-lasting, safe, and healthy alternative.

“Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain that lasts more than five months,” Morton explained. “To the tune of 312 billion dollars being spent on pain – more than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined.” Pain Free Life Centers of Michigan aims to improve your quality of life, and get you living pain free.

The Shelby Township office can be reached at (586) 459-0077 and is located in the Stonebridge Medical Center at 13350 24 Mile Road.  Give them a call for your free consultation and initial treatment. There are now four convenient locations for you to call or visit. Shelby Township, Troy at 6585 Rochester Rd. Suite 103 (248-879-1100), Bloomfield Hills at 1926 S. Telegraph (248-763-2700), and Brighton at 6247 Grand River Suite 400 (810-788-8700). Start living pain free today!