Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson

Catch impressionist songster Bob Anderson at the Detroit Opera House.

Big anticipation has begun for the June appearance here of a former Detroit entertainer whom People magazine has called “America’s Greatest Singing Impressionist,” who left this area to become a popular member of the Las Vegas Casino Legends Hall of Fame and Las Vegas Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Bob Anderson, who many may remember from his songster appearances here at numerous top local niteries, such as the London Chop House, Playboy Club, Fox Theater (opening for Jack E. Leonard and Joan River), etc., will be the huge attraction by Joe Vicari and the Andiamo restaurants … doing his great and uncanny Frank Sinatra impressions … “Frank The Man, The Music” … accompanied by the 32-piece Johnny Trudell Orchestra … Saturday, June 16, 8 p.m. … at the Detroit Opera House.

Bob was born in Warren, Mich., went to Centerline High School and was only 17 years old when singing at the Old Mill Tavern in Waterford … and later a singer with the Austin-Moro big band and Brookside Jazz Ensemble.

Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson

His first manager was Linda Solomon’s late father Dan Rappaport.

When Bob left Detroit, he went to Las Vegas, where it all started big for him … Bob became the first impressionist to ever do the great artists on national television … and the only entertainer to appear twice in the same week on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Try not to miss him … Bob’s vocal renderings, looks and antics are amazing … Tickets expected to go fast are now on sale at the Detroit Opera House box office and Ticketmaster.

READER MINI REVIEWFrom Jerry Seleccia … “My wife Doreen and I recently went to Bacco on Northwestern Hwy., Southfield, to celebrate our 43rd anniversary. We took the last two seats at the bar and immediately were served a plate of cheese, breadsticks and flat, cheesy bread, a perfect combination to go with our cocktails. At dinner, Doreen ordered Tagliatelle a la Bolognese while I opted for Branzino Mediterranean Sea Bass. Our waiter presented the whole fish to me and then returned it to the kitchen for filleting. It came back on a bed of thinly sliced zucchini that was crisped before laying the two filets atop each other. The fish was covered with a blend of tomatoes, green and Kalamata olives … simply outstanding in presentation and taste. Doreen loved her pasta. They presented us with a large piece of delicious tiramisu to end a perfect evening.”

THE MANY APPEARANCES on his Facebook page by Mark Zarkin are four-fold insertions … They tell of the many visits of the world by the owner of Steven Lelli’s Inn on the Green restaurant, 12 Mile, between Halsted and Haggerty, Farmington Hills, but also informational doings at his eatery, customer appearances, menu offerings, etc. … It has gained much attention and comment along with being a major interest coup from the fertile brain of Zarkin.

IS IT BECAUSE the warmer weather is soon upon us that so many readers are rallying so much for water, etc., for the customer’s pets taken with them to restaurants with outside dining … Or is it the pets themselves … I lost mine years ago and never realized how important something like this is to both the pets and their owners.

REARVIEW MIRROR … Hard to forget the traditional Jewish foods that had high popularity at prestigious Van Dyke Place, a fine dining spot on Jefferson, Detroit … Executive Chef Keith Supien, former Ahavas Achim Hebrew School attendee, had gotten his juicy licks in the Schoolcraft College culinary program … The son of Bernard and Beverly Supien used to shock people with his gefilte fish, rugelach, mandelbrot, chicken soup, vegetarian chopped liver, etc. … Little wonder why Bernard and Beverly loved it when Keith came over … He not only cooked but also served and washed dishes.

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … A rabbi, priest and minister are in the middle of the lake fishing. The priest gets out of the boat saying he left his fishing pole in the car and would be right back and walks across the water. Half an hour later the minister gets up to find a men’s room, walks across the water and then gets back into the boat.

The rabbi is shocked and says to himself, “My faith is better than theirs” and says he is was going to get himself a refreshing drink, leaves the boat and sinks under the water. The priest and minister help him back into the boat.

If they can do it so can he, so the rabbi stands up and steps into the water again. As he is going down, the priest turns to the minister and asks, “Do you think we should show him where the rocks are?”

CONGRATS … To Belle Wauldron on her birthday … To Betty Ellias on her birthday … To Manny Kalef on his 88th birthday … To Howard and Susan Dubin on their 50th anniversary.

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