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Meet Rachel Hyams – Kitschy Kosher

Rachel Hyams is the Jewish News‘ new “kitschy kosher” writer.

Hello! My name is Rachel Hyams, and I’m currently a sophomore at Michigan State University studying advertising. I recently switched to advertising from broadcasting, but hey, what 20-year-old really knows the exact path they want to take when they get older anyway?

My interests

I’m extremely interested in anything lifestyle and fitness. I relocated and moved my life to Michigan for college and, as a Jersey native, I have done a lot of self-reflecting and growing, both mentally and physically.

Rachel Hyams

Rachel Hyams

My blog

I’ll be writing all about delicious kosher food for the Detroit Jewish News, and by doing so I hope I can share my knowledge and love for food with all of my future readers!

In my blog, I will be finding and trying everyday recipes and adding my own kosher touch to them.

A passion for food

My passion for learning and becoming knowledgeable about food really began after my freshman year at Michigan State after I struggled with body issues and body dysmorphia. After encountering all of these issues as a young adult, I began to learn more about my body and educate myself about what was entering my body.

Although I am not fully kosher myself, I grew up in a town in New Jersey surrounded by kosher Jewish delis … and do I really need to say those delis were the date night hot spots my grandparents and I would frequent?

Not only will I be writing about kosher food for the DJN, but I will be educating myself as a young Jewish adult about information that I may not have been aware of. As an aspiring blogger, author and social media manager (I wasn’t kidding when I said my mind was in 20 different places) I hope to educate others and share my creativity and ideas.

So to wrap this introduction up … I’m looking forward to being part of this wonderful Jewish community and being a blogger for the Detroit Jewish News.

Until my next post…

Kosher Goods With Rachel

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