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Hi, my name is Amanda. I am a busy working wife, mother of two young kids and a lover of all things food. Growing up Jewish in Michigan, I was taught that food cures all sickness. Well, that and a glass of Vernors. Have a headache? You really should eat more food. Broken foot? Eat some more food. Stomachache? More food… and a glass of Vernors.

I grew up in Metro Detroit, living on a diet that consisted of mostly meat, potatoes and Jewish food like kugel and matzah ball soup. Although I had never really tried fish or sushi, I was convinced that I did not like either. I felt this way about a lot of foods that I honestly had never even tried. Most of my cooking prior to graduating college was limited to making myself a turkey sandwich or maybe boiling some noodles. I liked to eat, but I was not adventurous or ambitious in the kitchen. I also grew up with parents who would prefer to order out rather than spend time cooking in the kitchen.

Amanda Alberts and son C cooking. Cooking with kids. Cooking with a kid. Baking with a kid
Amanda Alberts and son C cooking.

I met my husband near the end of my senior year of college. He was more adventurous than I was when it came to food. He took me to a sushi restaurant on one of our first dates. I went for him, but I was so terrified I ate the sushi with my eyes closed. It was delicious, and now it’s one of my favorite foods! He opened my eyes to new foods and cooking. He convinced me to try foods I’d never had before, and we started to cook delicious meals together. We moved to Seattle after college and explored fresh food from our local farmers market. I learned that I love fish, sushi, and learning about new foods. Also, after living in Seattle for almost 10 years, I am a professed coffee snob.

With both my husband and I working full time, and two young kids at home, my time is limited. I try to involve my kids in my love of food and encourage them to try new foods. My son C is 4 years old and a very adventurous eater. He was born in Seattle, and one of his first foods was smoked salmon. He loved it! He is always willing to try new foods and interested in trying anything that my husband and I order. He loves sushi, fish, vegetables and a lot of other foods that I would never have tried when I was his age. However, being 4 years old, he also loves typical kid foods like mac and cheese (only with little shells) and chocolate. He can often be heard encouraging family members to try a food they profess to hate. “But have you tried it yet?” he asks my sister when she mentions she dislikes avocados.

C has a learning tower that he is constantly moving to help Mama and Daddy in the kitchen. Anytime I say I’m going to cook, he says, “Wait, Mama, let me get my learning tower.” He loves to try new recipes with me, make food challenges, peruse food pictures on Instagram and watch food shows (our favorite is Top Chef). This blog will share how I involve my kid (and eventually kids) in the kitchen. You will see some good recipes and some that did not turn out so well, but mainly you will see some fun times, lots of food pictures and my son’s big smiling face.

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