Stefani Chudnow, Jewish or Jew-ISH writer/blogger for the Detroit Jewish News
Stefani Chudnow

Hi there. I’m Stefani Chudnow, and even though I’ve been going to school at Michigan State for the past four years, I’m originally from West Bloomfield. I went to Hillel Day School for nine years before attending Frankel Jewish Academy for high school. On May 5, 2018, I will graduate from Michigan State with a double major in professional writing and arts & humanities, as well as a with a Jewish studies minor. After I graduate, I hope to eventually work at a book publishing company or newspaper.

Stefani Chudnow, Jewish or Jew-ISH writer/blogger for the Detroit Jewish News
Stefani Chudnow

Blogging about Michigan

For nearly a year, I wrote for the Michigan-based travel blog Awesome Mitten. In this position, I got to write about anything and everything related to the beautiful state of Michigan. I wrote about small towns, restaurants, antique shops – basically any hidden treasures that I discovered that I wanted people to know about.

“Jewish or Jew-ish”

Now, the title of this blog is “Jewish or Jew-ish?” Throughout my future blog pieces I hope to write about the divide between cultural Judaism and other types of Judaism, particularly about traditions and miscellaneous aspects of life which skew more toward nontraditional aspects of this religion.

However, because I’m also very interested in writing about topics like small-town culture, food, TV shows, movies, Broadway musicals and more, I’ll regularly incorporate my interests into the “Jewish or Jew-ish” theme.

Why this blog?

Because I’m graduating college in less than a month, I have been thinking a lot about professional identity and much less about personal identity. Even though I’m not very religious, being Jewish is a crucial part of my identity. By focusing on Jewish topics in light of my experience as a recent college graduate entering the professional world, I will be able to unite my professional and personal identities together. This blog is just step one.

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