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Have you ever seen CHIPS? No, not the actual California Highway Patrol but the TV series. Yes, it was a long time ago and I do not know how successful the remake was.

Well, that recollection got me to thinking, as almost anything will do as you faithful readers are aware. Here are some uses of chips in our conversations.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and some diamond chips may contribute to attractive jewelry. However, that may not be the stone of choice if you are asked to chip in on such a gift.

So many things in our lives are subject to chips and that makes us aware of the lack of permanence in life: Chipped glassware, dishes, windshields all demand that we dispose of and replace. Argh!

Don’t get a chip on your shoulder if someone challenges your choice of snack. There is plenty of room in discussions (though not necessarily in waistlines) for the potato chip, the corn chip and the chocolate chip. Put some ice chips in your drink and you are ready to party. Do not forget the chip-dip idea either.

You may choose to emulate TV chefs and use fragrant wood chips when you cook outdoors; these also work well when smoking meats.

When you get some money to invest, consider blue chip stocks; to do this, however, you may need to be in the chips. Also, you may consider betting at a casino and hoping that you will be able to cash in your chips, literally, not figuratively, unless you have made a sound will.

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If you find that you must chip away at something — be it an awkward proposal or an adamant opponent — always be prepared with a bargaining chip. Being stubborn, you may be a chip off the old block; but it won’t advance your position.

Do not ever take a cheap shot or make a chip shot unless you are playing golf; it will not endear you to anyone. Just let the chips fall where they may.

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