Annie Citron, new music blogger for the JN blog.
Annie Citron

I am so ecstatic to have this opportunity to blog for the Detroit Jewish News.

As a teenager living in the Detroit area, I am completely immersed in an incredible music scene. I’ve grown up as a classically trained musician on both the French horn and violin; some of my earliest memories include playing the dreidel song at my family’s annual Chanukah party — while now they usually request klezmer.

Annie Citron, new music blogger for the JN blog.
Annie Citron

My days are filled with music.

On the weekends, I play in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Civic Youth Ensembles and, when I can, I love to attend pop concerts with my friends at the new Little Caesars Arena.

Together, we jam out to the Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga — name a band, I probably know all their lyrics by heart.

Music’s Power

The real power of music comes from its ability to bridge gaps. When I listen to the White Stripes with my mom in the car, we are both connected to Detroit through the history of the band and to each other through our love of the music.

Music in Detroit

Detroit’s music scene is unique because there are so many opportunities for young and old to be involved together. Music provides a connection that is rarely replicated in other areas. Detroit is known worldwide as a center for music innovation, and Detroiters are right to be proud of their musical heritage.

We have an amazing Symphony Orchestra, a beautiful Opera House and a colossal new arena. All of these establishments connect millions of Detroiters through their passion and love for the same thing: music.

The music of Detroit comes from unlikely places in the city, too. Beautiful melodies can be heard from synagogue and church groups, garages, basements, restaurants, bars and more.

I’m looking forward to exploring the Detroit music and music education scenes while writing this blog. Keep reading to explore with me.


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