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If you’re feeling nostalgic, the Will & Grace reboot is a show you absolutely need to check out. Originally around in 1998, this show recently got a reboot. It has all the same great characters, drama and humor with a modern-day twist.

Grace’s Judaism

Best of all, Grace’s Judaism is always a topic of conversation. Grace’s religion, heritage and traditions are always in the forefront of episodes and the topic of many conversations as well.

Will & Grace promo shot for the Will & Grace blog cable and streaming TV blog bloggerWhat’s in a name?

Additionally, the name of the show has a Jewish background. The creators of the show decided to call it Will & Grace based on a concept Martin Buber, a Jewish philosopher, created. His concept states, “One needs the will to go after the presence of God and the grace to receive it.” This shows how much thought went into the creation of this show and how proud everyone involved is of their religion.

Will & Grace & You

One of the great things about this show is its relatability. The characters go through many situations real-life people go through. Whether divorce, dating again in today’s digital world, the realization of their age, friendships, work drama or something else, Will & Grace has an episode about a relevant topic. These are all things that are common for viewers, so audience members feel like they can relate to the characters and that those characters understand them.

Comedic Relief

The show is also great because of the comedic relief it brings. Since it’s a sitcom, each episode is jam-packed with humor and is sure to bring you laughs. It is a great show to watch at the end of a tough day or week if you need something to just boost your mood a bit.

Overall, Will & Grace is a super funny show, and it’s one that you can just enjoy yourself while watching. I highly recommend this show to everyone.

If you like this show, let me know! And, if you have any shows you’d like to see me write about, let me know that, too!  

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