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Allison Jacobs
By Allison Jacobs

GreenSpace & Go offers a healthier alternative.

Local cardiologist and vegan restaurateur Dr. Joel Kahn is all about making healthy food accessible. His first restaurant, GreenSpace Café in Ferndale, along with the popular GreenSpace Jungle Truck, were catalysts for his latest development, GreenSpace & Go.

Located along Woodward Avenue, just south of 14 Mile, GreenSpace & Go offers plant-based delicacies in a fast-casual setting. Kahn, along with his wife, Karen, and son, Daniel, have generated a steady lunch and dinner crowd since they opened April 9.

GreenSpace & Go bowlsThe GreenSpace & Go interior is quaint yet inviting. Patrons can either place an order at the counter or cozy up to a communal table or window seat.

While there are some similarities to GreenSpace Café’s menu, GreenSpace & Go emphasizes portable, street food-style dishes. Diners can create their own bowls or opt for filling wraps, salads, soups and minimally processed baked goods.

GreenSpace & Go smoothiesThe Simple Life and Turmeric Fortune bowls rank high in popularity, yet visitors can also customize their own by selecting a medley of vegetables and tempting plant-based proteins such as ginger tempeh, curried jackfruit and broccoli falafel.

To finalize a bowl, choosing a sauce can be a challenge. The cashew tzatziki is creamy sans dairy, while the beet hummus and green onion aioli are also top contenders.

For the ultimate beverage, the GreenSpace & Go staff whips up refreshing smoothies — the Rise & Shine is the perfect morning fuel, featuring mango, hints of coconut, cardamom, dates and avocado, while the Exhale is a bright shade of purple, bursting with berries and creamy almond butter.

GreenSpace & Go falafelAkin to GreenSpace Café, GreenSpace & Go uses non-GMO, locally sourced ingredients. Any dish can also be customized to accommodate a multitude of allergy restrictions and dietary requests.

In Kahn’s view, GreenSpace & Go is a step in the right direction for creating healthier quick-service options in Metro Detroit.

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“When you make the right thing to do the easy thing to do, only then can health change for the better,” Kahn says. “GreenSpace & Go is the right and the easy way to eat.”

As a newer addition to the Royal Oak restaurant scene, GreenSpace & Go is paving the way to better “fast food.”

GreenSpace & Go interiorGreenSpace & Go

32687 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak
(248) 850-8500
Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.-8 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 11 a.m.-9 p.m
Closed Sunday
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