chocolate chip muffins

It’s Saturday morning, and I am so sleepy. My 1-year-old is not such a great sleeper, and after a fitful night, I finally drifted off. I was hoping for a couple of hours, but then I heard footsteps. Thump. Thump. Thump.

It’s C. He’s awake.

This is how our conversation goes:

Me: “Do you want to come lie in our bed, C?

C: “No, mama. I am hungry. I am so hungry. We need breakfast.”

Hmmm … Five more minutes, please, I think. Nope, I’m Mama. There is no sleeping in here.

We go to the kitchen, and I reach for his usual oatmeal. Last weekend we made eggs and onions. C, like his mama, loves onions. He wants to make eggs and onions again. I open the fridge door. Oops, we really need to go to the grocery store. We only have one egg left.

And so begins our one egg challenge.

What can we make with one egg? I search the internet for delicious options and settle on muffins. C loves the idea of muffins, especially ones with chocolate chips. I search through recipes once again looking for one that doesn’t require me to change out of my pajamas and go to the store. I settle on a “healthier” version of chocolate chip muffins. The recipe we select via yummly is from @TheBakerMama and has no butter, oil or sugar.

C smiles with his muffin. "healthier" chocolate chip muffin. cooking with kids blogger blog.
C smiles with his muffin.

Now that we have the recipe, the next step for a C and Mama baking challenge is to gather up all the needed ingredients. The best part about this recipe? We have most of the ingredients and don’t need to go to the store. The two ingredients we are missing are cane sugar syrup and whole wheat flour. Baking is a science that requires precise measurement and normally no substitutions; however, we decide to take a risk and substitute agave syrup and regular white flour for the cane sugar syrup and whole wheat flour. C gathers the ingredients in the pantry that are a little bit lighter, and I grab things like milk and flour. As we gather, we scream “CHECK,” to make sure it’s clear we have what we need.

With the ingredients together and sitting on the kitchen counter, C runs to his learning tower, ready to get to baking.

“Mama, let’s make our muffins,” he says, but we aren’t quite ready. We need the stand mixer, which is located on a deep shelf at the top of our broom closet. To get it out, one must get on a small step ladder and reach overhead, and it’s not exactly light.

This sounds like a great job for Daddy.

C screams, “DAAAADDDD!” and my husband comes in with the baby. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “We need the stand mixer. Give mama baby V,” C demands.

My husband hands me the baby and grabs the mixer for us to begin baking. We put our dry ingredients in first. I measure them out, and then C pours them in to the mixer. He helps me turn on the mixer, sometimes a bit too fast, and the ingredients are combined quickly.

Next, we add in our wet ingredients, and lastly our chocolate chips. When cooking with chocolate chips, please note, several kid taste tests are required to ensure the chocolate chips are good and can be used. After about five taste tests of individual chocolate chips, it is confirmed by tester C that we have a good batch.

C takes the first bite of our "healthier" chocolate chip muffins. Cooking with Kids blogger, blog
C takes the first bite of our “healthier” chocolate chip muffins.

Once all ingredients are combined, I grab my muffin tin and two spoons. C and I work together to drop in some yummy batter to each greased muffin cup. I pop the muffin tin into the oven and let them bake. The recipe says 16-18 minutes. I put them in for 16 minutes and then end up leaving them in another minute or two.

It’s hard for a kid (or a mama) to patiently wait for the food to cook and cool down. When they are finally cool enough to eat, C takes a bite.

Full disclosure, I don’t like cake or things with cake consistency. These are perfect for someone like me. They are moist from the yogurt in the recipe and delicious from all the chocolate. I do think the recipe could have been a little sweeter for my tastes, but C loves them, and that’s what matters. He lets everyone know that they were made with chocolate chips and 10 hundred thousand million cups of love.

This was a very successful baking session with mama and C.

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