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Photo by Elisha Terada

Monday fun-day. Tipsy Tuesday. Wine Wednesday. Thirsty Thursday. Friday, Saturday, Sunday (no catchy nickname required for weekend drinking). You can always come up with a reason to drink. Maybe not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless.

Catching up with a good friend is always a great reason to have a few drinks, though. Last week, for Wine Wednesday, I did just that. I hadn’t seen a friend of mine in awhile (say… nine months. I don’t leave my apartment in the winter), so we reconnected over Trader Joe’s [1] wine and yummy baked goods from Zeman’s Kosher Bakery [2].

When I buy wine to keep at home, I tend to follow the advice of the great April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza’s character from Parks and Recreation):

Now, I once worked at an upscale wine restaurant, so while I know that all wine does not taste the same, I’m 23 and a writer, so buying expensive bottles of wine isn’t really within my means. Thankfully, Trader Joe’s has great wine for even better prices.

Trader Joe’s also has a decent amount of kosher wines, too. I bought a couple bottles of Baron Herzog — a cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay. At $11.99 each, these bottles were definitely the most expensive I’ve ever bought at Trader Joe’s (I normally opt for the $2.99 bottles).

Two bottles of Baron Herzog kosher wineThe wine was ok. It was not great. The chardonnay wasn’t too oaky, which I like. The cabernet had nice notes of stone fruit. Both bottles seem like the type of wine to drink if you’re not serious about wine. The taste bordered on bland. My partner — who is not a wine drinker whatsoever — said it was a wine he would actually drink because the flavor is so muted.

If you’re having a simple night in and don’t want to wake up with a headache the next morning, drink Baron Herzog. You can easily have one or two glasses without wanting to finish the whole bottle. It’s a good option to keep on hand, tucked away into your wine rack (if you’re fancy like that). You never know when you’re going to need a glass of wine. Better safe than sorry.

[1] This is not an article sponsored by Trader Joe’s, but if someone from TJ is reading this, know that I’m interested

[2] Ditto Zeman’s.

Always drink responsibly.