Fifth Tavern marks its four-year anniversary.

It was much like a coveted old home week at the highly popular Fifth Tavern, celebrating its fourth anniversary … and seeing many recognizable people … like the still very young-looking Estelle Cole who, as Estelle Wein, won my first Beauty-Personality Contest in 1949 and would certainly still win one today … She was among so many other recognized diners in the full-house 360-capacity restaurant, enjoying the fare at what had been transformed from a one-time so-so former Mountain Jack that stood empty for 10 years to the magnificence of today in all its glamorous splendor.

Fifth Tavern owners George Lukaj and Jerry and Luis Sanchez
Fifth Tavern owners George Lukaj and Jerry and Luis Sanchez

Located on Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, and almost directly across from Costco, Fifth Tavern has become a huge favorite for many with oodles of seating and gracious dining from a well-thought-of menu that includes new items like Coronet Shrimp, Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Tri-, Color Fettuccini Alfredo, home-made soups (baked French Onion, Roadhouse Chili, Roasted Tomato and Asparagus, etc.).

The large dining and drinking assemblage is seated among 12 well-spaced television sets amid the colorful stylings of light and dark cedar wood walls and posts.

Fifth Tavern, open seven days … Monday-Thursday, 11-11, Friday, 11-12, Saturday 10-12, Sunday, 10-10 … also now includes brunch on both Saturdays, 10-2, and Sundays, 10-3 … with big accommodations for many … One recent holiday Sunday, almost 2,000 people enjoyed the sumptuous brunch.

ahi tuna at Fifth TavernAnother big sensation at Fifth Tavern is its striking presentation of customers themselves stone cooking while seated at their table, with eight food choices from which to select … ribeye, filet, sirloin and New York strip steaks … plus sea scallops, Ahi tuna and shrimp and scallop combination … all include soup or salad, potato, vegetable and choice of two dipping sauces.

In addition to its large seating capacity, Fifth Tavern has an outdoor seating sector of 40 slated to become 100… Plus a private banquet room for 120 more people.

Even soloist instrumental entertainment on the weekends in the bar lounge area … and a pastry chef who certainly knows delicious ways of making people drool.

Many first-timers to Fifth Tavern who see its wide selection of food, reasonable prices, excellent service, etc., are amazed at the quietly soft, well-appointed dining and drinking rooms … Only being its fourth anniversary must give vent to the thoughts of numerous folks as to how much better it can get if ever needed or desired in future years.

UPSCALE PIZZA? … There are about eight of them now being served 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m. (no pizza dinners served) as new items at Steven Lelli’s Inn On The Green, 12 Mile, just west of Halsted, Farmington Hills, … By the way, reservations will now be taken for the June 4 evening honoring former Checker Bar-B-Q.

ONE OF THE BIGGEST no-no’s in the restaurant game … The server arguing with a customer over what is right or wrong with a certain dish … The server should pick it up with no questions asked and politely bring the diner what he or she would like instead of the waitperson saying to the customer that the chef has been making it for many years and should know what he or she is doing … Thankfully, the place was not crowded, but there still were others who also heard … I feel bad for the owners who may have their last dollar in the place and are forced to have such help … But even if not, owners who care should not be subjected to this!

MAIL DEPT. … From Bella Smith … “In a recent column, you mentioned Dover Court Apartment and that rang a bell. When I was an infant, we lived directly across the street on Pingree before moving to Blaine. A very good friend of our family, Belle Cooper, had a beauty shop and lived there. She was a beautiful blond woman whose first husband was Harry Fleisher of the Purple Gang.”

(Harry later had many girlfriends, both as Harry Fleisher and Harry Fisher, and was a good customer for Johnny’s banana cream pie at Cream of Michigan on the corner of Pingree and 12th.)

OLDIE BUT GOODIEfrom Heidi Martin … Monday morning the weather was too bad to play golf. I was bored with nothing to do. Suddenly here was a knock on the door. I opened it to find a young, well-dressed man standing there who said, “Hello, I’m a Jehovah’s Witness.”

So, I said, “Come in and sit down.” I offered him a fresh cup of coffee and asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

He said, “Beats me. I never got this far before.’”

CONGRATS … To Dr. Joel Kahn on his birthday … To Michael Hermanoff on his birthday … To Warren Pierce on his birthday.

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