Although The Good Wife no longer airs new episodes, if you’re a student with a Spotify premium account and have access to Hulu, I highly recommend it.

The Good Wife is a seven-season show about a family in the suburbs of northern Chicago. Peter, the father and husband of the show, is a well-known politician, but the series is really about his wife and mother to his children, Alicia, who sticks by her husband’s side through a politically charged sex scandal. Amidst the scandal, Alicia re-joins a well-known law firm to support her family.

All seven seasons contain enough drama to keep you on the edge of your seat, bed or wherever you’re binge-watching.

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Jewish References

As you can imagine, one of my favorite things about The Good Wife are all of the Jewish references the show makes. It is slightly stereotypical, but because Alicia is a lawyer and many of the other characters are lawyers as well, there are a lot of Jewish characters.

One of the main characters, Eli, is the family’s confidant, and he is also Jewish. Eli and the other characters make many references to their religion and faith. Eli’s daughter, Marissa, is very interested in her Judaism and Israel. She is so interested that, at one point in the show, she even joins the IDF. Her involvement with her faith acts as a major premise of her character throughout the show.

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A Connection for the Audience

Although Marissa’s character isn’t the most significant, it’s important to note how much she thinks of her faith. As a young woman watching a show about another young woman who is so enthusiastic about her Jewish faith, it’s very admirable to see a character like her.

Seeing a character present herself as being so interested in her faith on television is a big deal, and we don’t often see it. It sends a message to audience members of similar demographics that it’s not only OK to be so interested in your religious background, but it is accepted as well. Additionally, for those who equally embody a faith-filled life like Marissa’s character, the recognition in her character is a nice touch.

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The Takeaway

The Good Wife is, overall, a really great show. It has a lot of drama that will keep you on your toes throughout the series. I highly recommend checking it out the next time you’re looking for a good show to binge.

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