Cinnamon Baked French Toast

Cinnamon Baked French ToastMother’s Day is a day meant for brunch.

There are a lot of tasty brunches in Metro Detroit. However, most brunch places don’t take reservations, or you need to plan ahead to make those them. I don’t do so well with planning ahead, and my kids don’t do so well with long waits at restaurants. Add to that the fact that I have a pretty large family (and getting larger), and you’ll understand why we decided the best option this year was to host brunch at our house. So, my husband and I invited my siblings, nephew, parents and Bubbie over for a casual brunch, perfect for a Mama-C baking adventure.

V at Mother's Day Brunch
V at Mother’s Day Brunch

At a previous brunch with friends, my husband attempted an Instant Pot French toast bake. Unfortunately, it didn’t come out as well as he’d hoped. He wanted a chance at redemption, so he planned a second take on that dish for our Mother’s Day brunch. My sister-in-law makes a delicious French toast bake, so my husband reached out to her for the recipe.

With my husband doing all the work, I planned on sleeping in late because, as I’ve said before, sleep is precious in my household. This plan seemed like it might happen. Baby V woke up, and my husband took her to play. About 45 minutes later, C woke up, and I heard my husband say, “It’s Mother’s Day; let’s let Mama sleep in a little bit.”

This means, of course, that C went right into our bedroom.

C helps make Mother's Day Brunch

C told me I had 5 more minutes to sleep because our family was coming over and wanted some delicious food. I told him Daddy was going to make the food, and he is a great cook (which is true!). He looked at me, and said, “Nope, Mom, you have 5 minutes. Unless you don’t want our family to have delicious food.”

“OK,” I agreed that our family needed delicious food.

C came in the room 5 minutes later and told me I had slept enough. I negotiated with my 4-year-old son for another minute or so of rest, and then it was time to get to work.

We decided on a “Cinnamon Baked French Toast” from The Pioneer Woman.

This was a great recipe to make with a young kid. It was super easy and requires a lot of mixing and ripping, which are some of C’s specialties.

The recipe suggests sourdough or a French bread, but for me, French toast can only be made with challah. We used a delicious loaf of challah we bought the previous day from Star Bakery.

First, we got out the casserole dish and started ripping the challah into pieces. Next, we measured all the ingredients. I scooped while C counted to make sure we had the right number. We needed ¾ cups of sugar, so I pulled out my ¼ cup and C counted out the 3 scoops as he poured in the sugar that I measured. He loved measuring out the ingredients and mixing them together. Then, we poured the liquid over the challah.

And, finally, I read the recipe.

C helps make Mother's Day BrunchI know what you’re thinking. Finally, she read the recipe? To be fair, you’re right. I probably should have read the recipe closer and earlier.

The recipe noted to soak the challah and let it sit in the fridge for several hours or overnight. Oops. The family was going to be there in 45 minutes, and we needed to bake the French toast for 45 minutes. We had no time to let the challah soak, but I figured, and prayed, it would be OK. We crumbled the topping we made over the challah, and baked for 45 minutes. The food came out of the oven looking like a magazine picture about 5 minutes before my family arrived.

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It tasted delicious, like a cinnamon bread pudding. Everyone who ate it said it was delicious, to which C responded, “Mama and I made it together. We make delicious food.” In the end, we had very little leftovers, and were requested to add this to any future meals we host.

This was a very successful C and Mama Mother’s Day cooking adventure.