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Grosse Pointe eatery is worth the drive.

The resurgence of Downtown Detroit has also done wonders for restaurants away from the area by the many who might desire a change of menu, atmosphere or all-around surroundings … along with a place’s numerous stalwart customers who have found another eatery to love.

Among them, The Hill Seafood and Chophouse on Kercheval in Grosse Pointe Farms … It has also seen many people working within the area who come for the fine food and possibly a coveted change.

Being in a different environment after an eight-hour or more workday has been noted to do wonders to a person’s state of mind … Places of yesteryear became sudden favorites for these reasons and were regular stalwarts of The Hill’s area that were and still are so much adored.

A favorite of today, The Hill Seafood and Chophouse, owned by automotive businessman entrepreneur Tony Soave, has received much note for its diversified selections of culinary favorites … and relaxed atmosphere … Namely its highly acclaimed Hill of Baby Perch, prime rib, Creekstone Filet, Wester Rose Scottish Salmon, various styles of burgers, a choice Boulevard Salad, and so much more that have created much discussion … and even pizza, etc. … For dessert, you might want to try the Molton Lava Cake or cheesecake among the in-house-made desserts.

Megan Kler of The Hill Seafood and Chophouse
Megan Kler

The Hill Seafood and Chophouse general manager is familiar to many … Megan Kler, sister of local dining name Matt Prentice, has worked in the restaurant industry for 25 years … Among them, Matt’s former previous culinary properties from Deli Unique in Oak Park to Sebastian’s in Troy … And graciously efficient waitpersons like Marie Condoni, four years at The Hill, is a 26-year veteran of places like the former Crash Landing, where onlookers were shocked by its airplane seemingly going into the roof.

The Hill, as it is gracefully called, is open Monday-Thursday, 11:30-9 p.m., Friday, 11:30-10 p.m. and Saturday, 5-11 p.m. … Seating in the beautifully decorated dining room is 100, plus 39 in its lounge … In accommodating weather, April-October, another 25 seats are available on the patio.

It now also boasts a newly renovated wine cellar private dining room … with a comfortably fresh look at it newly decorated bar.

The Hill Seafood and Chophouse of today takes a favorite place alongside those wonderful Grosse Pointe and Grosse Pointe Farms restaurants of the past … Pinky’s, Van Dyke Club, Little Harry’s, Benno’s, Sid’s on the Seaway, etc.

MAIL DEPT.From Sally Feldstein … “Do you have or know the names of other contestants in your 1949 Beauty and Personality Contest?”

(Finalists then were Shirley Gaynor (second place), Lillian Weider (third place), Roslyn Sparage, Pauline Nidorf, Janet Anstandig, Faye Bean, Sandra Edelman, Elaine Salzberg, Lillian Schlesinger and Rose Wolfenson, who was attending University of Miami, where she was chosen Honeysuckle Queen … Estelle Wein was winner.)

Following her victory, Estelle was also named “Miss Detroit Tobacco” after parading in bathing suit regalia before an assemblage of 100 or more men at Glen Oaks Country Club … Her crown was made entirely of tobacco leaves.

From The Hill Seafood and ChophouseMANY MIGHT RECALL when A.L. McClain of the Detroit News went to the Moon Supper Club in Hazel Park years ago to interview great drummer Buddy Rich, who told him, “There are only three singers good enough to sing with my band, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Bob Anderson.” … Bob has gone much further than just a singer … today a world-noted impersonator being brought here by Joe Vicari and his restaurants to do his excellent “Frank The Man. The Music” evening of Frank Sinatra songs and impressions Saturday, June 16, at Detroit Opera House … Call the DOH box office or Ticketmaster.

CUSTOMERS MUST HAVE wondered why all those Rolls-Royce beauties were recently parked in front of Steven Lelli’s Inn On The Green, 12 Mile, Farmington Hills … They were members of the choice local Rolls-Royce Club that is drawing so much drooling attention … Many of whom will no doubt be at Steven Lelli’s coming Checker Bar-B-Q tribute, Monday, June 4 … expected to be a sell-out.

REARVIEW MIRROR DEPT. … When officers were selected for the newly formed Delicatessen Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Detroit … Earle Mostyn, president, Dave Perlin, vice president, Al Winkler, secretary, and Eliot Fuller, treasurer … Charter members were Benny’s Sabra, Copy Cat, Dave’s Deli, Eliot’s Embers, Irving’s, Mr. Deli, Modern, Nosherie, Original Esquire, Northgate, Pickle Barrel and Stage … Wonder whatever happened to it?

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … The tip-hungry bellboy knocked on the bedroom door at 7 a.m. in the luxury suite and called out, “Telegram, sir.”

“Just shove it under the door,” is the reply.

“I can’t, sir. It’s on a tray.”

CONGRATS TO … Eran Reznick on his birthday … To Sylvia Shiller on her birthday … To Melvin “Mel” Aaron on his birthday … To William (Bill) and Carolyn Nosanchuk on their 65th anniversary.

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