Presbyterian Church Is Anti-Israel

I read with interest your article “Keeping The Faith” in the May 31, 2018, issue (page 36) about the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many concerts at this high-quality music festival.

However, I regret that I will not be attending this year because of the involvement of Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church, which is a member of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA).

PCUSA has for many years had an obsessive focus on criticism of Israel and has passed anti-Israel resolutions, disinvested in companies doing business in Israel and supported, praised and even given awards to committees in its midst that are frankly anti-Semitic and supporters of the BDS campaign.

The PCUSA has been called anti-Israel and anti-Semitic by many Jewish organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith and the Israel Embassy USA.

In recent years, I have attended the festival but skipped events at the Kirk. This year I will not attend any of the events. Although I have great respect and admiration for the people involved in the festival, at this point, I feel that their cooperation and partnership with an PCUSA member amounts to complicity in a bigoted enterprise.

Barry Tigay, Ph.D.

Bloomfield Hills

Evangelical Response

I am an evangelical Christian, and I have a different view than Mr. Falbaum concerning Pastor John Hagee’s and Pastor Robert Jeffress’ participation at the opening of the U.S. Embassy ceremony (June 7, 2018, page 6).

A conservative rabbi friend of mine said to me, “If you don’t give out the Gospel, you are not an evangelical.”

As evangelicals, we support Israel on a biblical basis, not just a political or economic one. We love Israel and the Jewish people, and the presence of the two pastors showed that. Pastor Jeffress shared from his heart the message that leads us to support Israel: the Gospel. It in no way diminishes his heart for Israel and the Jewish people.

Our stance on Israel won’t change because we are misunderstood or misaligned by those who don’t believe our support for Israel is genuine.

Some Jewish people can trust evangelicals and some cannot. We will continue our support for Israel because of our love for the land and the people and because it’s the right thing to do.

Rev. Tim Munger

Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry Inc.