Motown Mash at Detroit Water Ice Factory

Motown Mash at Detroit Water Ice FactoryPopcorn And Ice

Detroit Water Ice Factory entered its second season at the Franklin Cider Mill for a “pop-up” experience of its flagship shop on Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit near Campus Martius, which is entering its fourth summer.

The Franklin Cider Mill location offers water ice, “Motown twists” (water ice with soft serve ice cream), “Motown Mash” and bags of Brown Bag Popcorn.

Brown Bag PopcornA gourmet food product, Brown Bag Popcorn is available in six flavors, such as “Cheese Louise’’ and “Caramelicious.” S.A.Y. Detroit is partnering with Plum Market to roll out Brown Bag Popcorn. It is available in its West Bloomfield, airport and Ann Arbor locations.

One hundred percent of proceeds from the popcorn and the pop-up location of Detroit Water Ice Factory benefit S.A.Y. Detroit, a charity run by author Mitch Albom that serves Detroit’s neediest citizens.

High schoolers wishing to earn community service credit by volunteering at the Detroit Water Ice Factory should contact Rosey at

Korean-Inspired Street Food

Gogi Seoul Kitchen, featuring Korean-inspired street food and traditional Asian beverages served in a fast-casual style, which shares the bar and restrooms with Jolly Pumpkin, opened June 5 in Royal Oak.

The Gogi Seoul Kitchen team spent time in the kitchen, at the table and in local markets in South Korea learning the tastes and flavors revered among Koreans to bring back to Royal Oak.

Gogi Seoul Kitchen artwork

Kimchi, a traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables, features prominently on the menu, as do other Asian favorites like Dolsot bi-bimbap — rice, bap sauce, seasonal vegetable and a fried egg in a hot stone bowl.

“We really wanted to take some traditional Korean dishes and infuse them with the flavors of other Asian cultures,” managing partner Jon Carlson said.  “What we ended up with was a really cool menu of Korean-inspired street food that’s very approachable and authentic.”

For interior design, Carlson turned to Detroit artist and illustrator Ngianhormua Yang to create hand painted art on the walls.

“For Gogi, I wanted to create imagery that would activate the space; giving new life to the walls … utilizing the four guardians of the cardinal directions; this body of work was created as a symbol of good luck,” Yang said.

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Gogi Seoul Kitchen, 109 E. Fifth St., is open Monday–Thursday, 4-11 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 4 p.m.-midnight; and Sunday, 4-10 p.m.