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Lori Gordon-Michaeli
By Lori Gordon-Michaeli

Own it! … Short but sweet.

The understanding of the law of responsibility is so simple: It equates to adding conscious thinking before action. This is one of the greatest understandings in the mastery of life.

We must “own” all our decisions; no one else is responsible for our choices. With the law of responsibility, we must accept total and complete responsibility for ALL our decisions, which includes what we choose to feel, think, do and say.

When something is not to our liking, we should start our analysis with self-reflection. We start by looking at ourselves and asking, “What is my part in this situation?”

An exercise:

  1. Spend some time thinking about a challenge you are currently having in your life.
  2. Remove your judger/criticizer (your ego) from the situation.
  3. Now, ask yourself, “What is my part that contributed to the situation?”
  4. Realizing this might actually change your perspective on the situation.

A new perspective is growth and can create the opportunity for change.

Understand that what surrounds us is just a mirror of our choices. When I don’t like my life or some component thereof, I want to make a change. Change starts when I realize and accept I manifested the situation, therefore, now I can change it. What can I change about it? My participation, point of view, my goal and my attitude.

Many people live in different degrees of responsibility and consider being responsible different things. The ultimate responsibility that changes the way your life presents is when the realization hits that not only are we responsible for our life decisions, but we are also responsible for our emotions. No one can make us mad, but we “choose” to get mad. No one can make us happy, but we can “choose” to be happy. We own our choices — from the toothpaste we use, to the sound we choose to wake up to in the morning, to the people we are around and even what we feed our brain.

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Feeling Happy Right Now 

Take a moment and think of a memory that when you think of it you smile. Bring yourself into the memory and immerse yourself for a moment. A feeling will come over you briefly. That feeling is the feeling of happiness. Choose it and walk around holding onto it. You have now chosen to feel happy in this moment. Choose it for all moments.

One of the biggest transitions from childhood to adulthood is the understanding of the law of responsibility. LOL. That’s a different timeline for each individual but when you get it, it’s a game-changer, for sure.

Recommended book: The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.

Recommended video: Oprah says it best. 😊

Lori Gordon-Michaeli LCSW

Journey Within LLC

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