Flat Fivel #FlatFivel
Flat Fivel #FlatFivel

This summer, add a little mazel to your vacation with Flat Fievel!

Join in on the fun of our summer social media campaign! Just cut out Flat Fievel from this page to print out your very own Flat Fievel! Then take him with you on your travels and take a picture with him for a chance to win fun prizes, like a gift certificate to Cool Jacks and more, all summer long!

Flat Fievel is yours to get creative with! Color him in or leave him black and white. Bring him with you to the pool, the beach or even the Eiffel Tower. There are so many fun things to do with him; we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

To participate, just use the hashtag #FlatFievel and tag us on your favorite social media site to enter.

Happy travels!

Flat Fievel #FlatFievel
Flat Fievel

See our last contest, the #DJNDogContest.

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