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In Support Of Trump

Regarding Dr. Greenstein’s June 7, “In Support of Trump” and Berl Falbaum’s “A Gut Punch” commentaries (page 8), I support Dr. Greenstein’s comments in every respect and support President Trump’s agenda, process for Making America Great Again, repairing the disastrous errors the previous administration created with decimating our defense establishment, the JCPOA, demeaning the State of Israel, advancing anti-Semite Keith Ellison to No. 2 in the Democratic Party and making the United States apology tour.

I applaud President Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Accord and the JCPOA, his impressive enhancements to our military capacity and to our economy, recognizing the rights and privileges of our veterans, getting it right on immigration, forcing North Korea to the negotiating table, choosing Nikki Haley to represent us in the United Nations and his steadfast support of the State of Israel.

President Trump’s remarkable achievement moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem will be recorded in history along with President Truman for his courage and support of the Jewish people when the time mattered the most.

Mr. Falbaum’s cherry picking and distortions don’t cover the real facts that evangelicals are our proven friends.

I attended a Christians United for Israel event in Southfield where Rev. Hagee spoke to 3,500 evangelicals raising Israeli flags and cheering his words of support for Israel and the Jewish people. The event was emotionally uplifting for all lovers of Israel and the Jewish people.

I’ve attended several Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (FOI), Thank God for Israel Days in Novi and Grand Rapids where 300 evangelicals and Jewish supporters listened to pro-Israel speakers and sang “Hatikvah” and other Israeli songs.

I am grateful to Rev. Tim Munger, FOI Great Lakes regional director, for his energy, dedication and enthusiasm in hosting these incredible events year after year, both in Michigan and around the United States.

Ed Kohl

West Bloomfield


Trump Facts Were Ignored

I am writing in response to Eugene Greenstein’s letter in support of Donald Trump. Greenstein does not say a word about minor issues, such as Trump’s business scams like Trump University and Trump Institute; his constant lying; his sordid sexual history, including being accused of rape by one of his wives and his incestuous comments about his daughter; his insults; his alienation of allies; his anti-Semitic ads in the campaign; and so much more.

And he is proud as a Jew to support the man who said neo-Nazis who bragged that “Jews will not replace us” are some very nice people.

All this reminds me of the crass joke, “So, Mrs. Lincoln, except for that, did you enjoy the play?”

N. Baker

West Bloomfield


Evangelicals Are Friends Of Israel

Rev. John Hagee and Christians United for Israel (CUFI) are true Friends of Israel. We could not ask for better friends.

Berl Falbaum, in the Jewish News June 7, 2018, issue, attacked the Christian ministers at the Jewish Embassy dedication. He smeared Rev. John Hagee based on a smear from the Obama campaign of 2008. Falbaum shows disdain for Christian supporters of Israel, the embassy dedication in Jerusalem and, of course, President Trump.

John Hagee is no anti-Semite. He has met every prime minister of Israel since Menachim Begin. He has given millions of dollars through his ministries to Israel and has supported numerous Jewish causes, especially tourism. On many trips to Israel — and I have made more than 50 — I see more buses from his groups than any other organization, including Jewish tourists.   

The reverend’s remarks of decades ago would have been better unsaid, but his actions show that he is a friend of Israel. Let’s stop this political slander and start supporting Israel and the Jewish people together.

Annette Meskin

Honorary Council

National Hadassah

West Bloomfield

(The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.)

 Falbaum Commentary ‘Hateful’

Kudos to Eugene Greenstein for his insightful defense of President Trump and his policies. His commentary stands in stark contrast to the hateful opinions and comments by Berl Falbaum in his commentary trashing Trump and ripping evangelicals

Even though evangelicals are extremely supportive of Israel and friendly to Jews, Falbaum has a problem with them because they believe that Jesus is their savior and salvation. Compare that to Muslim extremists who want to subjugate and kill Jews and other non-believers, who are forbidden by the Koran to take Jews for friends and who aim to destroy Israel. Where is his outrage regarding that?

Falbaum calls Trump morally bankrupt but gives no evidence. Is the amorality because of sexual dalliances such as those of Clinton and JFK?

Falbaum states, as fact, his opinion that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital doesn’t help the peace. On the other hand, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer told the crowd at Adat Shalom on Monday, June 4, how important the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was to Israel and the peace process. I trust Dermer’s experience, not Falbaum’s opinion.

Here’s news for Falbaum: What doesn’t help the peace process is the refusal of the PLO and its terrorist partner Hamas to meet with Israel, and their stated aims of destroying Israel and removing all Jews from the area and teaching their Palestinian children to kill Jews.

If Falbaum cared about Israel more than he despises Trump and Netanyahu, he would have appreciated the U.S. standing with Israel and recognizing Jerusalem as its capital as caring Jews have for more than 3,000 years.

The Jewish community is fortunate to have a large number of Christians stand with Israel today, unlike the lack of support for Jews exhibited by the Roosevelt administration during WWII. We could ask for no better friend than Rev. John Hagee who, over the years, has demonstrated his true support. Robert Jefferies should be respected for his belief in his faith and support for Israel even if we don’t agree with his religious tenets.

Sylvia Fleshman

Farmington Hills


An Easy Choice

I am an involved pro-Israel supporter and both a sponsor and an attendee of the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival. I actively engage in pro-Israel activities including fighting the BDS campaign. As a music lover, I appreciate being able to attend chamber music concerts in many venues.

In contrast to Barry Tigay (whose letter, “Presbyterian Church Is Anti-Israel,” ran in the June 14, 2018, issue), I feel that attending concerts at Kirk in the Hills in NO way indicates that I support, endorse or am complacent regarding Presbyterian policies. In the same vein, I select my physicians based on their skill and not on their politics.

Barbara Goodman, Ph.D.

Huntington Woods

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