As of June 21, summer is officially here! Seems like it’s been forever, huh? Well, no worries! With the summer solstice comes warmer weather, longer days full of sunshine and — of course, this is an alcohol blog — patio drinking!

Soak up some Vitamin D while soaking up some booze at these five exemplary Detroit bars and restaurants.

  1. Motor City Wine (Corktown)

Located right on Michigan Avenue in Corktown, Motor City Wine has one of my favorite patio spaces in all of Detroit. There’s plenty of seating, twinkling lights and even a bocce ball court. Inside, they’re selling regional wine by the bottle and by the glass, along with delicious charcuterie boards. Pair this lovely atmosphere with a nice glass of vino and some jazz music, and it’s a quintessential summer hangout.

Recommendation(s): A nice sparkling rosé and any one of their fantastic cheese plates

Motorcity Wine. Detroit bars and restuarants

  1. Ottava Via (Corktown)

After you have a glass (or two) at Motor City Wine, walk on down to Ottava Via. This romantic little Italian joint has an equally romantic back patio. Twinkling lights and an adorable outdoor fireplace add to the ambience at Ottava Via. Its outdoor space is perfect for date night or a yummy meal with friends (you can never go wrong with pizza and pasta!). Order cocktails, beer and wine from their full bar.

Recommendation(s): Any of their wines (the list is extensive), a charcuterie board and the tiramisu (it’s to die for).

Ottava Via Detroit Bars and restaurants.

  1. Atwater Brewery (Rivertown)

Atwater is a staple in Detroit, and itsr season rooftop bar offers an unbeatable view of the river. Between trivia nights and stand-up comedy acts, there’s always something going on at this tap house. Relax with a couple of brews, some grub and a few good friends for a lazy Sunday fun-day.

Recommendation(s): You’d be making a great life choice by ordering the Better Life Choices IPA. And, vegan or not, their vegan buffalo wings are a perfect late night snack.

Atwater Brewery Detroit bars and restaurants

  1. The Villages Bier & Weingarten / The Dequindre Cut Freight Yard (West Village/Dequindre Cut)

I’m lumping these two together, since they’re essentially the same thing. Whichever location is easiest for you to get to, it’s worth the visit. Cold drinks, delicious food, games and live music await you at these Biergartens. There’s no better way to spend a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night.

Recommendation(s): The maafe rice at the Yum Village Food Truck is to die for. Just be sure to have a cold beer to wash it down with!

  1. Northern Lights Lounge (New Center)

Now, full disclosure: I’ve only been to Northern Lights Lounge once, but that was enough to make me fall in love with its patio. The bar is stocked, the vibe is chill and, rumor has it, the food is top-notch. In addition to its daily menu, which features typical pub fare, Northern Lights also offers weekend brunch (brunch + patio drinks = the perfect match).

Recommendation(s): Brunch it up! In the sun!

Northern Lights Lounge Detroit Bars and Restaurants

Always drink responsibly.

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