Station Square

Station Square Kitchen & Bar opens its doors in Troy.

A family and general public love of informal elegance are wrapped up beautifully in the opening of Troy’s casually fine new Station Square Kitchen & Bar restaurant that has met with much acceptance … following its lavish four-day pre-opening and opening last week … Between an excellent and all-you-can eat abundant display of food, almost 700 people attended the two-day extravaganza.

George Lukaj, Goni Bardhi, Anton Lukaj and Jennifer Lukaj
George Lukaj, Goni Bardhi, Anton Lukaj and Jennifer Lukaj

Both days were generous and strikingly beautiful fulfilments by George Lukaj in partnership with his son and daughter-in-law Anton and Jennifer Lukaj, and friend Goni Barhi.

The beautiful Station Square Kitchen & Bar, which opened at the former site of Papa Vino on Coolidge and Maple, Troy, joins sister eateries Georges, West Bloomfield; Fifth Tavern, Bloomfield Hills; Grand Tavern, Rochester; and Village Palace, West Bloomfield, as another family dream come true with its many amenities.

It is located fronting the Midtown Square Shopping Center … and Troy Transit Train Station that no doubt will bring countless people to the newest of Troy restaurants with so much eagerness and appeal.

Station Square’s large sprawling beauty includes dishes enjoyed with much relished comment … Good solid selections that include lamb chops, filet, beef short ribs, Norwegian salmon, lake perch, whitefish, shrimp and crab cake combination, barbecued baby back ribs, chicken choices, etc. … Plus an array of wisely selected appetizers, burgers, pastas, home-made soups and desserts … and even four styles of pizza … from a most easy-to-read and sumptuous menu with choice selections …. The smartly styled interior surroundings, with compliments from so many visitors, seats about 350 at tables and booths, plus an excellently stocked bar with almost 20 stools and a strikingly large outdoor patio.

Many will also remember the one-time, six-year manager at Georges restaurant on Northwestern … Suela Makla, now dining room manager at Station Square … and its highly touted Executive Chef Chris Hessler, former innovative dining stalwart at Golden Mushroom, Southfield, and Rochester’s fine Kruse and Muer.

The Station Square Kitchen & Bar, with its many amenities, good food, beautiful surroundings, excellent smiling servers and cordial eager-to-please service, brings a much-accepted down-to-earth and beautiful restaurant to Troy.

AN AUDIENCE OF more than 1,500 saw a miracle … Frank Sinatra had returned … Well, almost as former Detroiter Bob Anderson, world-class impressionist, assisted no end by Academy award-winning makeup artist Kazu Tsuji (Churchill) was Joe Vicari’s and his Andiamo Restaurants’ big gift to a many-times standing ovation of Bob in his one-man performance of “Frank, the Man the Music” at Detroit Opera House.

Of all the Sinatra impressionists I have seen, plus the real thing, Bob Anderson by far comes the closest with his exact gyrations, gestures and vocal intonations …The eerie feelings of an impersonated reincarnation of Frank Sinatra by the many attendees who listened to his two-hours of singing and exact impressions will attest to an unforgettable closeness.

Station SquareREADER MINI REVIEWFrom Jerry Naftaly … “I recently met my niece and nephew, Lisa and Howard Brown, for brunch at Anna’s House, a new place for breakfast and lunch on Northwestern Highway, south of 14 Mile, Farmington Hills. Lisa ordered the ‘Twilight French Toast,’ baked French bread topped with Crème Brulee sauce, fresh berries and raspberry melba. Howard and I enjoyed the ‘Candied Pecan and Banana-Stuffed French Toast’ filled with mascarpone cheese, candied pecans and grilled bananas topped with a house-made banana sauce, served with a choice of meat or vegetarian patty.

“Howard also noticed a nearby diner enjoying some tater tots, and we ordered a side of those old memory favorites for our table. Neither Howard nor I could finish our orders and got a box to go. Being our first visit, we found ourselves pointing out varieties and portions at nearby tables for future visits. Exiting diners commented about our choices as they walked by our table. Half-orders can be gotten. We were thrilled to know that Anna’s uses only cage-free eggs, all-natural meats and even though not completely gluten-free, it includes gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan alternatives on its menu.”

OLDIE BUT GOODIE DEPT. … The man’s business was in such big trouble he thought about committing suicide but decided to ask his rabbi what to do

“Go to the beach and read the Bible,” the rabbi said. “A wind will come. Rustle the pages and stop. The answer will be on top of that page.”

A year later, the businessman visited the rabbi in a new tailored suit; his wife wore a long ermine coat;and he gave the rabbi a very sizeable gift for the synagogue.

“You did what I told you?” asked the rabbi.

“Yes,” said the man.

“What were the first words you saw?” asked the rabbi.

“Chapter 11,” said the man.

CONGRATS … To Sara Lindeman on her birthday … To Jules Abrahams on his 35th birthday.

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