Rebel Fitness boxing studio
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Rebel Fitness opens in Bloomfield Twp.

Boutique boxing studio Rebel Fitness opened its doors on April 20 in Bloomfield Township, and owners Noah Dorfman, 36, and Michelle Landry, 32, couldn’t be more excited.

The couple, both natives of Bloomfield Hills, maintain that their new venture is a perfect combination of their interests. This may be their first venture into the world of fitness, but with their backgrounds in hospitality and real estate, Dorfman and Landry are experts in providing top-notch client service.

Michelle Landry and Noah Dorfman of Rebel Fitness boxing studio
Michelle Landry and Noah Dorfman

Dorfman, currently director of real estate development at North Star Partners, has served as a developer of both residential and commercial real estate, as well as owner of the upscale, award-winning restaurant Torino. Landry also practices real estate, but has an academic and professional background in psychology that gives her insight into human behavior and emotion that is reflected in the fitness studio.

Dorfman and Landry are fixtures in Detroit’s Jewish community — during her time in school, Landry worked at Jewish Family Service; Dorfman’s family donates frequently to the Holocaust Memorial Center, helping them stay connected to his survivor grandparents. The couple also fundraises for Out of Darkness walks for suicide prevention and awareness.

Now they can add a customer-centric health and fitness service to their contributions to the local community. When developing Rebel Fitness, Dorfman and Landry focused on cleanliness, customer service and comfort. They designed the studio environment to maximize the workout experience by keeping the participants’ desires top of mind.

“One of the things I never liked about a group fitness class is that you walk in and feel like you’re on display. Our room is dark, so you don’t feel like you’re on the spot,” Dorfman said.

By creating an approachable environment, they hope that newcomers won’t feel intimidated and focus instead on maximizing their workouts.

Landry emphasizes that the studio is truly for those of any level of fitness and boxing experience.

Rebel Fitness boxing studio“I think a lot of people are really intimidated by boxing and think ‘I’m not a boxer,’” Landry said. “But you don’t have to know what you’re doing … You can go every other beat, you can hit really hard and make it really intense or, if it’s your first time, you can just tap the bag.”

Each session begins with a demonstration of the different moves that will be featured. Customers can even pick their exact spot in the room before arriving.

When Dorfman and Landry began looking for an instructor, martial arts expert Julian Loredo immediately came to mind. Loredo has earned 14 black belts and numerous boxing and kickboxing championship titles.

In addition to Loredo, the Rebel experience is enhanced by assistants who provide guidance, correct form and provide encouragement to participants.

The classes are designed to be challenging but fun.

Loredo describes Rebel’s four different classes as “aerobic boxing” — as music plays over the studio’s concert-grade stereo system, participants are instructed to hit the bag to the beat. Customers can choose from two cardio-heavy classes called Rebel Ignite (1 hour) and Rebel Ignite 75 (75 minutes), a circuit training class, Rebel Circuit (1 hour) or Rebel 30/30, which combines circuit training and boxing.

After a challenging workout, customers will also soon be able to enjoy a post-workout recovery snack once the studio opens a smoothie bar, which will also offer healthy prepared food.

Rebel Fitness boxing studio

The Rebel team emphasizes they’re not just about physical fitness — they seek to positively impact the mental health of their customers as well. Before the classroom opens, participants wait in a hallway decorated with a neon sign that reads “What are you rebelling against?” The founders tie this attitude in with their Jewish background.

“I think anti-bullying and racism, and the things that we promote about rebelling against, all go back to some of the persecution that not only Jews have felt historically, but all types of people have felt,” Dorfman said.

The first class at Rebel is free for all Michigan residents, and there are currently opening specials for class packages.

Rebel Fitness is located at 6565 Telegraph Road. For more information, visit or call (248) 712-6819.

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