C pours the chocolate chips into the banana bread batter.
C pours the chocolate chips into the batter.

Babies And Banana Bread

This Saturday, my husband was cleaning out our kitchen so we could meal plan for the week when he pulled out some very brown and mushy bananas we’d forgotten about. As he was heading to the trashcan to throw them away, I stopped him. Everyone knows brown, mushy bananas are perfect for banana bread.

Lately, C hasn’t had a lot of time with just me. Our busy weekend filled with two birthday parties and lots of running around didn’t help. Add another child to the mix, and it’s even harder to get me alone.

B’tayavon from Beth Ahm

B’tayavon from Beth Ahm

My youngest is a little over 1 and she takes up a lot of my attention. She’s constantly asking for Mama, wanting to be held and getting jealous of her brother’s turn to sit on my lap. Her brother, C, also frequently asks for more time with his mama, so when I saw those mushy bananas, I knew what had to be done. I promised him that on Sunday we would use those mushy bananas to make some banana bread.

He was very excited. He would get to spend time with just me, and, in his mind, the only kind of banana bread includes chocolate chips.

So, Sunday afternoon, once C’s sister was settled into her nap, C asked, “Mama, can we make that banana bread? I will get the chocolate chips.” And he was in the cabinet pulling out the chocolate chips before I could respond.

C squeezes the salt into the banana bread batter.

C squeezes the salt into the batter.

Happy to get started, I went to the cupboard and pulled out my copy of B’tayavon from Beth Ahm. My Bubbie and Papa gifted it to my husband and me seven years ago. It’s is a collection of tried and true recipes from the congregants at Beth Ahm in West Bloomfield. The inscription says: “For Amanda & David who love to cook. Love, Papa and Bubbie”. I showed C the cookbook and the inscription. He replied that it should say “to Amanda and C who love to cook,” and told me he would tell my Bubbie that she should have given it to the two of us.

I flip to the “Breads & Rolls” section and see several banana bread recipes. After skimming them all, I settled on the last one in the section. It was a quick recipe and included as much chocolate as you like, which was definitely a crowd-pleaser.

C pours the chocolate chips into the banana bread batter.

C pours the chocolate chips into the batter.

We got out our ingredients and put them on the island. The recipe was very simple.  Most of the measurements were in fractions of a cup, which is perfect for counting with C. I had C measure out the sugar into the cup from the sugar bowl. I wanted him to mush the bananas, but he said “ew…,” so that turned into a Mama job. We both took turns cracking the eggs, and he was so proud when I told him there were no shells in the bowl.

His most important job was squeezing the salt into the bowl, and, of course, pouring in all the chocolate chips, which he did not skimp on.

The last step was to pour the batter in the pan and enjoy with family. As luck would have it, my sisters and mom stopped by just in time to taste our delicious creation. My mom said she didn’t like banana bread, and then helped herself to two slices.



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