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There’s A Reason She Was Canceled

The shoe is on the other foot for Lena Epstein (“Canceled,” July 5, 2018, page 17), and it’s not so comfortable judging from her reaction. People are turning on her not because she’s a Republican but because she’s a hypocrite of the worst kind. It has nothing to do with conservative economic or foreign policies. She has pledged her support to something that many of us find over the line of acceptable behavior, likely even illegal.

Her party successfully defended the right to refuse service to people based on religious objections to their sexual actions. Well, some of us have religious objections to punishing children for the sins of their parents or accusing babies of being MS-13 gang members and denying due process on asylum and custody of children. The Jewish religion demands treating the stranger as one of your own, so what kind of a Jew is Epstein? If she can tolerate discrimination based on religious objections to someone’s sexual preferences, she can tolerate discrimination based on religious objections to injustice.

Dennis L. Green

Farmington Hills

 We’re All Just Americans

Regarding “Confronting Racism” (July 5, 2018, page 6): America has been a melting pot where there are no black, white, Asians, Latinos, etc. All people are Americans. The classification to various ethnicities is artificial, not scientific, and done for political power only.

The #blacklivesmatter movement supports the Palestinians and BDS, which has nothing to do with being black, but may get them a lot of money. Many black people detest the “African American” politically correct expression because they see it as racist. I agree.

Confused Emma Share does not understand that “white privilege” is a derogatory misnomer and being white is not a sin. It is decadent theory that there are no personal responsibilities, but all catastrophes relate to white race guilt, which has to be atoned. This obviously has nothing to do with being Jewish, which traditionally does not discriminate.

The bottom line: Share and her confused friends must adhere to the concept that made this country: Being American does not need to be fragmented and classified.

Isaac Barr, M.D.

Bloomfield Hills

Protect Aging Population

A revolution in nursing home care is needed. Large corporations that own nursing homes extract a profit at the expense of the elderly and infirm. Low salaries, inadequate staffing, insufficient training and constant turnover of staff create a problematic atmosphere.

The Jewish community should be more vocal in its demands to improve care for their loved ones. We have to protect our aging population.

Judith Ginsberg

Farmington Hills

Regarding Emma Share’s Essay ‘Confronting Racism’

Researching Ms. Share’s “Detroit Jews for Justice” website, I found in the “testimonials” section endorsements for #blacklivesmatter: “Feeling blessed to be a part of an intentional Jewish community that seeks to use ritual and Jewish identity to stand in solidarity with the #blacklivesmatter movement” and “The light we created when we stood together this Hanukkah to say #blacklivesmatter was a bright reminder of the kind of sparks we’re creating …”

Does Share endorse BLM’s anti-Israel screeds declaring its support for the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and condemning the Zionist-led campaign against it?

Does Share endorse the BLM Charlottesville and Ferguson events where BLM encouraged the looting and burning of stores?

Does Share remember BLM activists in Minneapolis chanting, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”?

I suggest Share better choose her allies if she wants her organization to be relevant.

Ed Kohl

West Bloomfield

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