Yiddish Limerick: Tisha b’Av

Bais HaMikdash. The holiday Tisha B'Av written in vintage letterpress type. yiddish limerick

Mir Hobn farlorn undzer Bais HaMikdash, even di tzvay

So mir vel gedaykn un fastn un Lamentations we will say.

On the floor mir vel zitzn

Mir dertzayln nisht vitzn

Dos is Tisha b’Av, so sad is the day.


Mir hobn farlorn: we have lost

Undzer Bais HaMikdash: our Temple

Di tzvay: the two

Mir vel gedaynkn: we will remember

Un fastn: and fast

Mir vel zitzn: we will sit

Mir dertzayln nisht vitzn: we don’t tell jokes

Dos is Tisha b’Av: it’s the 9th of Av

By Rachel Kapen


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