Israeli-American perspective on holistic health
Noa Granot

Hello! My name is Noa.

I was born in Israel, raised in Detroit and matured in Jerusalem. When I say “matured in Jerusalem,” I mean that when I moved here, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I once said that to a colleague and her answer was, “Well, if we always knew what we were getting into we’d never do anything!” To me, that is the epitome of becoming an adult — agreeing to make independent choices and take risks.

Maturation is a never-ending process of learning and growth, and an exciting one at that.

Increasingly, we get to grow into ourselves. We get to deepen our sense of joy, gratitude and fulfillment in life. We become more creative and independent. We improve our relationships with ourselves, with the world and with others around us. As we mature, we accept life’s “givens” and do our best to walk the path. Eventually, we grow old as gracefully as we can.


Jerusalem has been the main context of the beginning of my adult life and my own maturation process.

When I was 20, I moved from Detroit to Jerusalem — in other words, I made “aliyah.” With my bilingual background and natural tendency to write, I was curious about the meaning and power of language, so in college I studied linguistics — in Detroit and then in Jerusalem.

Israeli-American perspective on holistic health

Toward the end of my college days, I began my journey from the intellect into the body and have since dedicated much of my energy to healing arts practices — yoga, zen and Oriental medicine. All of these have enriched and deepened my experience of life. They have also improved both my physical and mental health. But, they are not life itself — wisdom gained from the meditation cushion, yoga mat or even the therapist’s office must be applied and integrated in life. Sometimes that can be a fully positive, liberating experience. Other times, it takes courage or even discipline.

My Goals As A JN Blogger

As a writer and lover of language, holistic health practitioner and Israeli-American resident of Jerusalem, I will use this platform to share what life in Israel and America have taught me about healing and growth, and vice versa.

Hope you enjoy!