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Faye Menczer Ascher
Faye Menczer Ascher

Meet Faye Menczer Ascher

Hi, my name is Faye Menczer Ascher.

A native Detroiter, my first husband and I bought a condo in Delray Beach, Fla., as a winter retreat 15 years ago. After he died and I remarried, my second husband and I continued this schedule. When the weather turned cold, we headed south with the birds.

Faye Menczer Ascher

Faye Menczer Ascher

In February 2014, when my only two grandchildren, aged 3 and 7, moved with their parents to England for three years, I began to write children’s books and Bubbie Publishing was born. I used the empty babysitting time to hang out at the Apple store, take all of their classes and increase my computer skills.

After writing and self-publishing 10 of my own books, I started to publish other people’s writing. I am now working on the 35th book to be published by Bubbie Publishing. My daughter and grandchildren have moved back to Michigan and I am happily back to babysitting.

When my second husband died in Florida this past February, I began to think about how I wanted to spend my remaining years, and what is important to me. I took a seven-week regrouping trip to Israel to be with my wonderful sister and brother-in-law and get some much-needed rest, relief and regeneration.

Now, I’m writing this introduction while sitting in a suburb of Rehovot, Israel, ready to begin this blog, “Tales from Israel.”

Faye Menczer Ascher

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  1. blueberryyoshi on 11/28/2018 7:46 PM at 7:46 PM

    ITS BRIANS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Thanks for HAVING HIM!!!!! This is from WESSSSS in Fabulous LAS VEGAS!!!!!

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