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Volunteering For Israel

Regarding “Volunteers For Israel Starts New Program” (July 19, page 5), VFI offers three exciting ways to volunteer on an IDF Army Base in a civilian capacity and also tour Israel. These programs are:  VFI Plus, VFI Plus Advanced and VFI Plus Archaeology.

The VFI Plus programs offer unique opportunities to tour and volunteer while immersing one’s self in Israeli culture. A five-minute video describing the programs can be found at

Volunteers for Israel is associated with Sar-El, a nonprofit organization that administers the program in Israel and offers a way to contribute to the State of Israel in a very direct way.

I’m the Great Lakes regional manager and have been involved in organizing and leading these exciting new additions to VFI’s program options.

For more information, contact me or Ed Kohl at, call (248) 420- 3729 or visit the VFI-USA website

Carol Kent

West Bloomfield