AEPi Brothers Attend Leadership Conference

Producer Michael Borkow at the AEPI and Olami Jewish leadership conference
Producer Michael Borkow

Jewish undergrads from Michigan meet Michael Borkow at Jewish enrichment conference.

Earlier this month, Aaron Rafelson from Michigan State University and Benjamin Friedman from Grand Valley State University were two of 55 AEPi brothers selected to attend Hineni – the Advanced Leadership Conference for leading AEPi brothers, giving them high-level training and inspiration related to Jewish continuity, Jewish education and Jewish leadership.

The weekend was hosted by Olami, a global community of organizations working to inspire young Jewish students and young professionals and to create the next generation of leaders and was held at the Waldorf Baltimore in Phoenix, Ariz.

Delegates discussed and debated the importance of Jewish leadership, the challenge of fighting anti-Semitism and the opportunities they, as AEPi brothers, uniquely face in addressing these rising problems.

They were addressed by Michael Borkow, producer of Friends, Roseanne and many more hit shows; Rabbi Marvin Heir, the dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center; Aaron Weil — an AEPi brother and executive director of UCF Hillel; Bentzion Klatzko – founder of and lead educator of Olami and many more.

Producer Michael Borkow at the AEPI and Olami Jewish leadership conference
Producer Michael Borkow

“I am honored to be a part of the program to inspire and educate young Jewish leaders,” Borkow said. “The AEPi and Olami partnership has created something special here — an environment for growth and development and for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the role of Judaism for leadership.”

Jackie Engel, Olami’s director of leadership, said of the opportunity to partner with AEPi and involve Borkow, “We have always had a wonderful partnership with AEPi and this year’s leadership conference was an opportunity to take that connection to the next level and really make a difference together.

“Michael is a true Jewish leader who walks the walk and lives by his Jewish values in every area of life. With his overwhelming success as a Hollywood producer, he is humble, giving, growth oriented and a proud Jew. We feel he will be an inspiring role model of leadership for the AEPi brothers.”

Andrew Borans, CEO of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation said, “Since 2008, AEPi’s Hineni: Jewish Identity Enrichment Conference is the fraternity’s premier, annual summit on Jewish leadership and education. We are very excited to have Olami as our newest partner in the conference and look forward to having their educators join us as we enhance the program each year.”


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