Full Body - Front View Blue concept
Full Body - Front View Blue concept

You are a piece of work.” Have you ever heard this observation? Usually it is not offered as a compliment. However, if you were to consider all the body parts, you would note that they do figure prominently in our everyday conversation.

Top to toe we are pieces of work.

Feeling frustrated about something? No doubt you would like to brain someone. Maybe you have even declared that you are tempted to beat their brains out. Well, let your hair down and tell us how you really feel!

Full Body - Front View Blue conceptNot seeing eye to eye on something? Well, you can vent and give someone an earful; or, if he’s not forthcoming, toss him out on his ear.

A project you really enjoy might be one you feel that you can sink your teeth into. Do not, however, mouth off to anyone on the job or you may find that a tongue-in-cheek response will get you out the door.

If you are especially optimistic, then you may find that you can keep your chin up in most adverse circumstances. It may be harder to do, though, when you end up taking it on the chin.

A rule of thumb may be that when you lend a hand or keep your hand in on a project, it will be as a shot in the arm. Being overly aggressive is not a good idea, however. Extremes are to be avoided such as keeping someone at arm’s length or elbowing your way in.

It is better to lift a finger to help rather than just keeping your fingers crossed that all will go well. You need not feel the need to break your back at something, but when your back is to the wall, think twice. You do not want to be a part of something that goes belly up.

You may get cold feet at the thought of having to perform, but if you know someone who is involved in theater and is about to go on, be sure to say, “Break a leg” (that is the “theater way” of saying good luck).

See there. You spend each day carrying with you a body of expressions to enliven your conversation.