queer jewish. pride parade
Photo by Tristan Billet

Hey, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood short, queer Jewish lady! You might ask yourself, “How did Megan get here?”

Megan’s Background

I grew up in Rochester, N.Y., and spent my early days being home-schooled, getting way too excited about Shakespeare and saying “I’m definitely totally straight, but, gosh darn, is Kate Winslet pretty!”*

*Or something like that.

Megan Steron new queer blogger.

Next, my journey led me to a cornfield. Well, not literally a cornfield. It was actually a women’s college surrounded on all sides by cornfields and a large Catholic University (yes, even though I’m Jewish) that shall remain nameless and may, or may not, be the basis of DuLock in Shrek.

After studying communicative sciences & disorders and playwriting because I am fabulously indecisive, and during a third hour of being stuck in a snowbank on I-90 West, I decided I was done with snow forever. So, I began the process of packing up my large collection of unread plays and moving to Los Angeles.

Upping the Jewishness

After I fished up a social justice-themed year of service program, I decided to up the Jewishness of my day-to-day life by joining Moishe House. Now, I’ve been living in a MoHo in North Hollywood for two years and I love it, so I figured it was time to spread my expertise and ramblings to the Midwest!

This Blog

You: So Megan, you’ve had an eclectic life so far, what on Earth are you devoting this lil’ blog to?

Well, here’s the thing: I love stories. Books, sitcoms, dramas, music videos, plays, emotionally evocative breakfast food commercials — it doesn’t matter. I love all stories.

Wait. Let me clarify.

I love stories that fairly represent different people and groups! Specifically, in this blog, I’ll be honing in on portrayals of characters that are either Jewish or Queer, as those are my areas of personal experience.

I’ll be looking at different story mediums, but will be focusing on sitcoms. They have a special place in my heart.

I’m excited to kvell over everything from how perfect Rosa Diaz is as a fictional character (long live Brooklyn Nine-Nine!) to how my mom taught me not to be appeased by the recurring token Jewish best friend at the age of 5.

Additionally, I’ll be writing about Jewish and queer life in Los Angeles and the Moishe House in which I live. There’s always a lot going on, and I wouldn’t want you to miss a thing!

I can’t wait to ramble on in your general direction!