Photo: Faye Menczer Ascher

Traffic Circles In Israel

Faye Menczer Ascher

Faye Menczer Ascher

Most of us are familiar with the traffic circles in West Bloomfield and the surrounding Michigan communities. And how many of us hate to maneuver the nightmare roundabout at Orchard Lake and 14 Mile, which is neither easy nor attractive?

The Difference Between Israeli Traffic Circles and American Traffic Circles

In Israel, these traffic circles are everywhere.  But unlike many of ours, Israel’s are small with beautiful landscaping. The traffic seems to flow smoothly in all directions, with little honking. It is quite amazing how the drivers very comfortably zip around with ease, keeping the vehicles flowing with rarely a mishap in each community across the country.

What makes these unique in Israel, besides their small circumference and frequency, is the artistic landscaping. Every circle is original and innovative.

Traffic Circle Art

Kiryat Ekron

At my family Zeitak’s corner in Kiryat Ekron, a suburb of Rehovot, there is a dancing topiary couple made of greenery they call “Fred and Ginger.”  The base of the circle, surrounding the larger than life dancers, is filled with flowers. As a walker, it was easy to approach the works and examine their beauty and creativity.

5:30 a.m. Kiryat Eqron traffic circle art. Not much traffic at this time of the morning. Fred and Ginger.
5:30 a.m. Kiryat Eqron traffic circle. Not much traffic at this time of the morning.

Herzl Street

On another corner nearby, on Herzl Street, which is the main thoroughfare, there are giant green topiary peacocks with tails filled with petunias as colorful as a rainbow. Blue and green colored glass embedded in the dirt surround the peacocks, and the glass (or perhaps it is a type of resin) sometimes catches the light and sparkles.

Different cities display their own variety of artistic designs in the centers of these areas, not only with garden art, but often exhibiting sculptures and eye-catching objects. Passing through the different communities, you can observe huge antique-looking oil jars standing erect and lying gracefully in the sand. All around, both realistic statuary and modern designs create a festival for the eye.

These outdoor traffic circle art displays add to the charm and beauty of Israel, whether in ancient neighborhoods or the newest enclaves.

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