Elizabeth Merzin was a JOIN intern at JVS.
Elizabeth Merzin
Elizabeth Merzin } jewish@edu writer

Summer Internships!

This summer, I had the opportunity to be one of the 20 Jeanette and Oscar Cook JOIN interns, an annual local Jewish communal service program administered by JVS.

I was placed at JVS in Southfield in the marketing and communications department.

While the other local Jewish agencies are wonderful, JVS was my first pick. The description for their internship was full of things I loved to do and matched with my degree perfectly. I had the opportunity to work alongside many amazing people, who continuously provided me with helpful advice and a good atmosphere. They supported me and pushed me to do great work.

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I was able to take the things I have been learning in my communications and public relations classes at Wayne State and really apply them to the real world. One of the press releases I worked on even got picked up by media outlets!

I have always heard horror stories about people my age who barely get to do any real work as an intern and, thankfully, that did not happen to me. I always had things to do and was never “just another intern;” they really valued me.

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My favorite part about being a JOIN intern were the Friday seminars. They gave me a chance to get to know more Jewish people my age and make connections with some very great people. All the interns had the privilege to go to many of the other Jewish agencies in the area. At these seminars, we met some agency professionals and got information on all the great things these agencies do.

I always knew the Jewish community in Metro Detroit was special, but this really put things into a new perspective for me. I now have more connections to this community and hope to continue to work in this area post-graduation. I really would not have wanted to spend my summer any other way. @

Elizabeth Merzin was a JOIN intern at JVS.
Elizabeth Merzin

Elizabeth Merzin of West Bloomfield is a senior at Wayne State University. She is active in AEPhi sorority and Hillel of Metro Detroit.

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