Karen and Tom Moro of Moro's Dining
Karen and Tom Moro

Honored Italian restaurant celebrates 38 years.

One of the finest restaurants in this region of the state … Moro’s Dining … is celebrating the 38th anniversary of its wonderful choice culinary experiences … on Allen Road, Allen Park, just west of the Southfield Expressway.

The high-quality serving of international cuisine Monday through Friday 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Saturdays 4-10 p.m., Sundays 2-9 p.m. … has quietly been lauded many times with eloquent words.

Regardless of what the customer may order, upon completion of a delicious meal, everyone receives fresh fruit and walnuts in a yesteryears’ presentation seldom seen today … A choice restaurant where fresh garlic and onions are peeled every day … Where the old way of doing things like butchering its own meats is done … Where a good stock pot for its soups and sauces comes from cooking all night that also brings such great color … All certainly magnificent tributes to everything good in wonderful culinary delight.

Karen and Tom Moro of Moro's Dining
Karen and Tom Moro

Moro’s impressive desserts flambeed at the starched white tableclothed tables by eloquently tuxedo-wearing and efficiently polite servers are huge treats … Wonderful Strawberries Romanoff, Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee that put Moro’s Dining on TV’s Food Network, yellow cake for its flaming Macedonian, a flambeed dessert and carrot cakes from a recipe that dates back to 1880 … baked by Tom Moro and his wife, Karen … and salads mixed fresh at the table with olive oil and red wine vinegar by expert waitpersons … at no extra charge … Plus, dishes prepared tableside like Chateaubriand, Beef Maison, Veal Olympic and Shrimp Bordelaise.

Its luscious rice and bread puddings are made by Mark Luecke, a dining room service captain who has been at Moro’s since its beginning … as has pastry cook Debra Brown, who is responsible for making the elegant, richly layered Tiramisu dessert.

Featured signature dishes include veal scaloppini and a variety of other veal dishes, perch, salmon, lobster tail, cannelloni, etc., including a Veal Cutlet Maison and Pesto so deliciously different than others … The cannelloni pasta is seasoned with ground veal and beef … A stuffed pasta shell egg noodle, made in-house, is topped with a little mozzarella and Moro’s own house-made Bolognese sauce … among so many choice dishes from which to select.

Moro’s lays claim to having served enough spaghetti to cross the Atlantic Ocean four times over … and sufficient minestrone soup to fill the Rose Bowl stadium in California.

Moro's Dining Italian foodSeating is for only 80 … there is no bar, but a hostess will serve customers alcoholic beverages in a small waiting area, if desired … From the outside, it looks like an old storefront … But, oh, what food and service inside!

Just about everything Tom, Karen and staff members do is old-fashioned remembered … Tom’s Hungarian grandmother even taught him many things about other cooking styles … like making stuffed cabbage, dumplings, paprika, Jewish potato pancakes, etc.

The only thing they don’t do is chop wood for the stove … even on Moro’s Dining’s 38th birthday … Is it worth the drive? … And how!

BEWARE OF EATERIES that use the word “authentic” or a derivative of it … As example, Bar-Le-Duc is not a fancy name for a peanut butter and jelly or whatever sandwich…. Bar-Le-Duc is jam in French.

NEW EXECUTIVE Chef at Norm and Bonnie LePage’s Big Rock Chophouse, Eaton Street, Birmingham, Eric Voigt, is remembered by many as the fine pastry chef working at the former upscale Tribute with its Executive Chef Takashi Yagihashi and followed by Executive Chef Don Yamaguchi when Takashi left to open his own restaurant in Las Vegas.

Moro's Dining Italian restaurantPATRICK COLEMAN’S tapas-style soul food for $5 each at his Sidebar, next door to Pat’s Beans & Cornbread on Northwestern, is going big Mondays through Fridays, 4-7 p.m. … He calls it his Happiest Hours … Salmon Croquette, Harlem burrito, chicken wings, catfish strips and barbecue rib tips.

MAIL DEPT. … “We loved Carl’s Chop House. Will it ever come back?” … Ann and Lonnie Berman.

(Hard to tell, but one never knows in today’s restaurant-opening market … It was built by Carl Rosenfeld in 1951 and closed, I think, around 2008, the property on Grand River being sold to the Ilitch family in 2010.)

OLDIE BUT GOODIE … A husband was in big trouble when he forgot his wedding anniversary.

“Tomorrow,” his wife angrily told him, “there had better be something in our driveway that goes from zero to 200 in two seconds flat!”

The next morning, the wife looked outside and saw a small package in the driveway. She brought it inside, opened it and found a brand-new bathroom scale.

Funeral services have been set for Sunday.

CONGRATS … To Steve Pardo on his birthday …To Ilene Saperstein on her birthday.

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