senior transportation
Senior transportation


DANGER! DANGER! Electric bikes are ubiquitous, especially on the sidewalks. You need to walk cautiously so you don’t get run down by a young man speeding on his way to work, school or wherever, while talking on his cell phone, perhaps carrying a female passenger also on her phone and both oblivious to the pedestrians in the way.

It is not only the young on these electric vehicles; it is also much older, and even the very elderly religious men, perhaps even rabbis, who go racing by, their long white beards flowing, tzizit and payis flying. With a big smile, I wonder how many have to tie their black hats down or hair clip their kippah to keep them secured on their heads. Even at a funeral, I saw what I assumed was the rabbi pull up to the cemetery on his electric device.

The  elderly are usually moving more slowly and seriously than their younger counterparts, but also may be on their phones.

So far, I haven’t seen any females driving these electric vehicles.

electric bike. transportation
Electric bike


I first saw these bikes on the boardwalks of the Tel Aviv marina. But once I spotted them, I picked up a few more sightings on the various streets of Israel. These scooters were exclusively ridden by children or young adults with very good balance. I haven’t seen them in the Detroit area at all, but in California they are everywhere.

These looked like fun items as well as means of transportation. Curious, I am sorry I never discovered more about how long their batteries last before you have to recharge them.

Electric scooter
Electric scooter


Speaking of transportation, I loved seeing many of my generation using tiny electric carts, half the size of a golf cart, tootling along on their errands in all communities. They are everywhere and really help the seniors in Israel stay mobile. I am considering getting one for myself to go to the JCC or get around my condo complex in Florida. It could be a whole new trend.

Sometimes there was a caregiver or driver with the senior, but often not.

They looked very practical and were parked all along apartment complexes and stores, like the one in the photo below.

senior transportation
Senior transportation. Photo by Faye Menczer Ascher