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Throughout our history, the Jewish people have proven to be extraordinarily resilient, often in the face of extraordinary challenges. We have persevered and succeeded because, as Rabbi Jonathan Sacks admonished, our capacity to support and care for one another has always far outweighed the impulse to challenge and disagree.

Beverly B. Liss President, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
Beverly B. Liss
President, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

Although spirited discussion and debate are vital parts of our living tradition and necessary ingredients for learning and growth, we understand that our differences must never become destructive. The bonds that hold us together must always remain stronger than the forces that might pull us apart.

The Jewish Federation works to strengthen the unity and cohesiveness of Jewish Detroit. Our Annual Campaign, which funds agencies, schools, camps and other organizations throughout Jewish Detroit, embodies the collective spirit of the Jewish people, connecting individuals — through the act of tzedakah — to their heritage and to one another.

Scott Kaufman, CEO, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
Scott Kaufman,
CEO, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

Federation’s history and centrality allow us to provide for the welfare and continuity of the community as a whole while ensuring that no one gets forgotten. We’re able to do this because of the significant financial support from our donors, whose commitment and generosity fuels our work.

“I don’t need you to agree with me; I need you to care about me.”
— Rabbi Jonathan Sacks,
Emeritus Chief Rabbi of England

In addition to fundraising, Federation provides a communal infrastructure that enables our organizations to thrive. Recently, we have introduced some innovative new programs to this collective framework. JHELP is a platform that supports the work of our social service agencies, making it easier for individuals to access assistance with a visit to our website or a single phone call (833-445-4357). Our Youth Mental Health Initiative brings together a range of organizations to address the critical issue of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues among our young people (visit the We Need to Talk site at to learn more).

We also work to support and connect the many wonderful programs that promote Jewish life and identity among our children, young adults, families and seniors.

Alan Jay Kaufman President, United Jewish Foundation
Alan Jay Kaufman
President, United Jewish Foundation

As we begin a new year, we look forward to continuing to work with our community partners to strengthen connections and build even greater unity across Jewish Detroit. Our new theme is Come Together, a declaration of our commitment to work together to solve problems and sustain our communal Jewish life. It is never a simple task, and we encourage discussion and debate. We truly value the opinions of our constituents and will always strive to incorporate the many perspectives that reflect our breadth and diversity. Most of all, however, we cherish the tremendous passion and commitment that sustains our extraordinary community.

With deep gratitude, we wish our community health, happiness and peace in the coming year.

L’Shanah Tovah.

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